Jason DeFazio

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Jason DeFazio
Name Jason DeFazio
Chapter Alpha Lambda
Temple University
Date Inducted Spring 2005
Roll Number ΑΛ 392
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Finance & Entrepreneurship
Birthdate August 4, 1986

Jason DeFazio (born 4 August 1986) is an Alumnus of Alpha Lambda Chapter (ΑΛ 392) at Temple University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Jason DeFazio decided to attend Temple University because it was clearly the best reputation for the price of the schools he had been accepted into. During his first semester at Temple, Jason had a class with his future Big Brother, Erik "Duff" Walschburger. Upon going to the information night the next semester, Jason saw Duff and asked a few further questions and was convinced to rush. He was inducted into the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi that semester, Spring 2005.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Lambda Chapter

After being a non-elected Brother for one full semester, he was nominated to take a position on Alpha Lambda's Executive Board. Jason was then voted in as the Chapter's Parliamentarian in Fall of 2005. He served in that position for two terms until the Fall of 2007. During his term in this office, he was able to restructure and revise Alpha Lambda's Bylaws as well as draft and have ratified Alpha Lambda's Chapter Operating Policies.

In the Fall of 2007, Jason was elected President of Alpha Lambda and finished serving out his term on December 5, 2008. He went through the Alumni Ritual at Alpha Lambda's 18th Founder's Day Formal.

At the 2007 Grand Chapter in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jason served as his chapter's Grand Chapter Alternate Delegate. He also served as Alpha Lambda's Grand Chapter Delegate in Nashville, Tennessee at the 2008 Grand Chapter.

He has also helped plan both the 2nd and 3rd Annual Philly Cup, an ICR event co-hosted by Alpha Lambda and Gamma Xi.

Alumni Years

Upon graduating from Temple University, Jason was able to stay involved in Alpha Lambda, which elected for him to serve as an Alumni Advisor.

National Involvement

Family Tree

Jason is a member of Alpha Lambda's Powerhouse Family. His Big Brother is Erik "Duff" Walschburger, who stepped down from his role on National Council serving as the Vice President of Chapter Development at Grand Chapter/National Convention in Nashville, TN in 2008.

Jason had 3 Little Brothers:

  • Jerrell Jackson, Resigned
  • Darryn Lee, Resigned

Other Interesting Facts

Jason is an amazing cuddler and gives awesome back massages.