Alyssa Wilkins

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Alyssa Wilkins
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Alyssa at National Convention with the Southeast Region
Name Alyssa Wilkins
Chapter Delta Lambda
University of Miami
Date Inducted Spring 2010
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Music Therapy/Music Education with a minor in Psychology
Birthdate 8/7/1991
Nicknames Lyss, Skittles

Alyssa Wilkins (born August 7th 1991) is a Collegiate Member of the Delta Lambda Chapter at the University of Miami also known as The U!.

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Early Fraternity Life and Career

After graduating from Lawrence High School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Alyssa ventured to Miami, Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy and Music Education with a minor in Psychology. Alyssa decided to attend theUniversity of Miami because of it's amazing Music Therapy program and the ability to double major in Music Therapy and Music Education. As a freshman Alyssa became involed in many clubs including the Alpha Mu Music Therapy Club; LINK, a volunteer organization; Sigma Alpha Iota, an all female music Fraternity; The National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honors society; and most importantly Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Alyssa rushed Phi Sigma Pi Spring 2010 along with 30 other Beta Class members. Phi Sigma Pi became a focus for Alyssa as she participated in events with her initiate class including a poker night and a beach day to name a few. Alyssa was initiated in Spring 2010 with 27 other Beta Class members. Initiates.jpg

The tripod ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship were something she always valued in her life and now she had the chance to be part of an organization that helped her to express that. Alyssa was elected as Social Chair for the 2010-2011 academic year. Alyssa participated in the 2010 National Convention as the Delegate for the Delta Lambda chapter, she participated in Leadership in Action and became one of the few Facilitators for the program at a local level through training at the National Convention.

In the Fall 2010 Semester Alyssa put on many events for the Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. She held a Family Weekend BBQ on October 9th 2010 that allowed the Brothers of Delta Lambda to spread their love of Phi Sigma Pi to their parents and other relatives. On November 6th 2010 Alyssa held a Homecoming BBQ that allowed active Brothers of the Delta Lambda Chapter and Alumni to interact; as well as to cheer the Hurricanes on to victory! Alyssa also held a pool party on November 7th 2010, an ICR Welcome Party on November 19th 2010, and the annual Fall Semester Delta Lambda Beach Day on December 4th 2010. Upcoming events that Alyssa will be holding for the Delta Lambda Chapter include a semester kick-off retreat in the Everglades with an Iron Chef America Battle between the Delta Lambda families on January 21st-23rd, and a Vegas Night as part of the Delta Lambda Spring 2011 ICR Weekend. Alyssa is enthusiastic to pursue the year ahead with love and passion for Phi Sigma Pi.

Collegiate Years at Delta Lambda

Alyssa is currently Social Chair for the Delta Lambda Chapter at the University of Miami. She was the Delegate for Delta Lambda at Grand Chapter Summer 2010. She is pursuing many opportunities within Phi Sigma Pi for the upcoming academic year. Alyssa hopes to become more involved with Teach for America, Phi Sigma Pi's national philanthropy, in the next few years and is ambitious to apply for their corps upon graduation.

National Involvement

Family History

Alyssa's Big Brother is Elsie Black who was a founding father of the Delta Lambda Chapter at the University of Miami when it re-activated in 2009. Alyssa is one of three littles making her a triplet. Alyssa is part of the Black Family. The Black Family includes Elsie Black, Sarah Bradley, Thomas Fugard, Emily Israeli, Alyssa Wilkins, Maria Sagarduy, and Gabrielle Goodman.

Alyssa's Little Brother is Nina Cabral of the Delta Class.

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Alyssa is a professional vocalist and has been singing since she was 8 years old. She has toured up and down the East Coast with the Rock N Roll Chorus and with them has opened for various artists including Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes and Status Green. Alyssa was a member of the ACDA All-State Chorus, All-Eastern Honor Choir, and The National Honor Choir 1 during her High School years. Alyssa was a dancer for 14 years and has worked with many professionals throughout her training. She has participated in over 30 musical productions at the community and regional level and hopes to pursue her dreams of being on Broadway in the near future.