Andy Strassler

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Andy Strassler
Name Andy Strassler
Chapter Alpha Upsilon
U of South Carolina
Date Inducted April 30, 2007
Roll Number ΑΥ 525
Alumni Chapter/Assoc NYMAAC
Honorary Member
Major Accounting & Finance
Birthdate August 21, 1988
Spouse (single)
Awards Rookie of the Year- Spring 2007, Best Initiate- Spring 2007, Mr. Phi Sigma Pi- Fall 2007, Mr. Phi Sigma Pi- Spring 2008, Scholarship Award- Fall 2008, Mr. Phi Sima Pi- Spring 2009, Best Brother- Spring 2010

Andy Strassler (born 21 August 1988) is an Alumnus of Alpha Upsilon Chapter (ΑΥ 525) at the University of South Carolina.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Spring 07 Initiate Retreat; Andy - fourth from left

After graduating from Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine, Andy Strassler decided to attend the University of South Carolina over Texas, Washington, Florida, Miami, Drexel, and Rutgers. After his first semester with the Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, he wanted to find a less belligerent atmosphere that still knew how to have fun. Thus, he found Phi Sigma Pi in the Spring of 2007. At the end of his pinning ceremony, Andy became the first initiate of all time to recite, by memory, the Purpose Statement of the Fraternity in front of the entire chapter. He was elected unanimously to be President of the Alpha Eta initiate class on April 30, 2007.

Leadership Roles at Alpha Upsilon Chapter

USC football game; Andy - fourth from right

Andy's first leadership role was in the spring of 2008 when he replaced Tia Milligan as the Sports Liaison. During the same semester, he filled in as Chaplain to replace Justin Cooper. In the fall of 2008, Andy picked up the role of Scholarship Chair. He had to relinquish both Scholarship Chair and Sports Liaison Duties to Jamie Summers and Jordan Gracien, respectively, while he studied abroad in Barcelona during the Spring 2009 semester.

Intramural Sports

2007 fall football champs; Andy - bottom row, right side

Andy's class, Alpha Eta, was the beginning of a new trend of athletes coming through the ranks, recognized as soon as the class had defeated their bigs in the biennial dodgeball challenge. The impact produced results, with Phi Sigma Pi being recognized as the Flag Football Recreational champs in the fall of 2007. Andy anchored the offense at center, providing key blocks, emergency out-routes, and most importantly recruiting members to the championship team. What would seem like a glorious moment for Phi Sigma Pi athletics was bittersweet, as Tia Milligan, aka "Sensei" would be stepping down as Sports Liaison. Andy took over the position following semester, and with the help of the athletic initiate class, Alpha Iota, Phi Sigma Pi captured the recreational soccer crown in the spirng of 2008. Efforts for the fall seemed dim at first, as Andy lead the football and soccer team as far as he could before lack of participation forced early endings. However, thanks to the promotion of volleyball by Steven Cruise and the near-professional skills of Maggie Hoppe, the chapter marched through the recreational playoffs and sealed a victory over the Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity in the Championship. With Phi Sigma Pi Athletics having returned to glory after 3 consectutive semesters being named champions, Andy then handed over the reigns to current Sports Liaison, Jordan Gracien

Joining NYMAAC

Upon graduation in May of 2010, Andy has moved to New York City to work as an accountant. Due to this, he has been able to continue his activity with Phi Sigma Pi with the NYMAAC. He is currently serving on the executive board as the communications coordinator.

National Involvement

  • Has traveled the the University of Florida for the 2008 and 2010 football games vs. USC
  • Hosted several LSU brothers during the weekend of the LSU vs. USC football game

Bigs and Littles

Spring 08 Pinning Dinner; From Back to front: Rob, Steven Cruise, Marshall Taylor, Cale Bonner, Andy Strassler, Elizabeth Good

Andy Strassler's Big Brother is Cale Bonner, who is now an alumnus and former Alumni Advisor.

Andy Strassler has 1 Little Brother:

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Other Interesting Facts


During his absence from the chapter in the Spring of 2009, Andy wrote haikus for his fellow brothers.

Family Tree

The Wehr Family
Milli Wehr (?)
Tara Hatley (?)
Amy Young (?)
Dustin Barnett (Σ) Jeff Bergen (Ρ)
Nikki Randle (?)
Julie Cook (Φ)
Rachel Levinson (Ψ)
Alex Kronsteiner (?) Emily McDonald (AA)
Libby Krah (AΓ) Leah Griffen (AB)
Maggie Hoppe (AI) Dee Milton (AI) Cale Bonner (AΓ) Adena Leibman (AΔ)
Kacy Cox (AΛ) Albert Blume (AΛ) Jason Rice (AΕ) Andy Strassler (AΗ) Steven Cruise (AI) Ashley Bradshaw (AΕ)
Elizabeth Good (AI) Audrey Waggoner (AI) Stephen Bianchi (AΛ) Lexie Selzer (AΗ)
Hayley McLeod (AI) Darby Archbold (AI)
Megan Fleck (AΛ)