BRO - Brothers Responding to Others

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A System For Safety

The “BRO System (Brothers Responding to Others)” is a program unique to Phi Sigma Pi. It is very similar to the “Buddy System” and entails many things you may already do to ensure the safety of your members, such as:

  • Walking or driving each other home from classes, particularly at night.
  • Staying together at parties.
  • Making sure your BRO does not drive under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substances.
  • Calling your BRO at any hour for a ride home.
  • Expressing concern about the general well being of your BRO.

The BRO System can be incorporated into the risk management program for your chapter. It is a simple way to ensure the safety of members. To implement the BRO System, at the beginning of each term the chapter can establish BRO pairs. The BRO System relies heavily on the individual participation and responsibility of members. Brief reminders at chapter meetings can help your chapter execute a successful BRO System.

When you partake in The Ritual of Phi Sigma Pi, you agree to uphold the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Taking care of each other and responding to each others needs for safety are only two of the many responsibilities of being a Phi Sigma Pi member.

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