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The Beta Kappa Alumni Fund (to be chartered 8 August 2015) is the official endowment fund of Beta Kappa Chapter. It was established in 2015 by Brian Bunton. Brian and fellow Alumni Brian Williams and Dawn Dantzler established the fund to help the Chapter continue to grow and thrive.

About the Fund

The Beta Kappa Alumni Fund is managed by the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. The usage of the endowment is closely monitored and managed by a Board of Trustees composed of Beta Kappa Alumni.

Initially, the goal of the Fund was to raise $20,000 within one year, so that distributions could start in August 2017.

Vision of the Fund

The intent of the Beta Kappa Alumni Fund is to support the Chapter. The initial usage of the funds will be as follows:

T. Brian Bunton Convention Travel Award - This award supports registration and travel for Beta Kappa Brothers, beyond the required Delegates, to attend National Convention each year.

Beta Kappa Programming Award - The Chapter can submit grants to the Trustees to fund unique, high-impact programming that will benefit the Clemson campus or community.

As the fund grows in size, additional uses for the fund will be determined at the discretion of the Trustees, in communication with Beta Kappa Chapter.

Board of Trustees

Oversight for the Endowment is provided by a Board of Trustees composed of up to five Beta Kappa Alumni with indefinite terms. The current initial Board of Trustees will be:

  • Brian Williams
  • Dawn Dantzler

Notable Campaign Drives

Kickoff Campaign

In September 2015, the Trustees will contact as many Alumni as possible to inform them of the creation of the Fund. Alumni will be encouraged to pay "dues", annual contributions equivalent to undergraduate Chapter dues.

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