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The Category Pages project is attempt to create wanted and needed category pages. Category pages are pages that aggregate similar information based on the use of category tags on the bottom of every page. These work as the index for the wiki. For example the [[category:Members]] tag tells the Members page to add each page with that tag to the list of Members of Phi Sigma Pi. This is part of the wiki Projects list.


On the Categories page any red links are categories that have added to the bottom of an article but do not currently have an aggregate category page. Simply click the link and create/edit the page. Once the page is created the wiki will automatically populate this page with an alphabetical listing of all content with that tag. Please add an intro sentence explaining what type of pages use this category tag and save the page. As projects are completed and reviewed please move them from the Open Projects section to the Completed Projects section below. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help. If you have questions click the discussion tab and leave a note so that we can help you.

Open Projects

  • complete all wanted (red links) category pages on Special:Categories
  • add both [[category:Members]] and [[category:InsertChapterName Members]] (where InsertChapterName is replaced) to the bottom of every Member bio page
  • create Chapter Members category pages for all new Chapters

Completed Projects