Courtney Pike

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Courtney Pike
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Name Courtney Pike
Chapter Beta Epsilon
Syracuse University
Date Inducted Spring 2006
Roll Number BE 471
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major International Relations
Birthdate December 30, 1985
Spouse Emily German
Nicknames "VC Pike", "Virginia"
Awards Best Big/Little Pair with Marine!

Courtney Pike (born December 30, 1985) is an Alumna of the Beta Epsilon Chapter at Syracuse University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Courtney joined the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi in the Spring of 2006 as part of the Alpha Gamma Class. She was active for three semesters and graduated in May 2008. Since graduation, Courtney has been attempting to establish her "real person"-hood, and is finding it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Collegiate Years at Beta Epsilon

Courtney spent 3 active semesters and one inactive semester (while she studied in Madrid) as a brother of Beta Epsilon. She served on the Fundraising and Initiation Committees, and was Fundraising Chair during Spring 2008.

Alumni Years and National Involvement

Being a brand new alumna, Courtney has not yet had much involvement with Beta Epsilon. In September 08 she participated in the first annual NYMAAC Scavenger Hunt in Manhattan and was (of course) on the winning team. Courtney will hopefully enter some sort of graduate school in Fall 2009 for a Master's in Public Health, but for now she's happy to pretend she's still in college by hanging out with fellow alumni and making periodic visits to Syracuse (something she swore she'd never do).

Bigs and Littles

Courtney's Big Brother is Krystal Price, a member of the Upsilon class. Her Little Brother is Marine Fritsch, a member of the Alpha Eta class. She belongs to Beta Epsilon's Princess Family, which proudly boasts two manly tiara-wearing men, one of whom is her sibling, Gregory Snyder.

Further Resources

Find Courtney on Facebook before she has to make it private to keep out snoopy employers who, for whatever reason, have nothing better to do.

Other Interesting Facts

Courtney is doing what every other bright-eyed, fresh college graduate standing on the sunny threshold of possibility is doing: living at home. She's currently serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer for a community health center, heading up any and every "youth development program" you could possibly come up with. When she's not selflessly giving back to her community, she works at a ropes course for the Fresh Air Fund, smacking around 12 year olds on trees and making in a day what she normally makes in a week.

In her college days, in addition to PSP, Courtney was a member of the SU Marching Band for three years as a clarinet player, and a member of the Sour Sitrus Society playing clarinet and baritone (well..."playing"). She also banged drums for the SU Brazilian Ensemble. She was an avid dancer once upon a time, but finally got a clue and stopped that nonsense. In her spare time she enjoys super-soaking pedestrians from her car and discussing radical feminist theory over alcoholic beverages. . .lots of them.