Ellen Stanley

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Ellen Stanley
Name Ellen Stanley
Chapter Alpha Kappa
University of North Carolina
Date Inducted Spring 2006, Alpha Eta Class
Roll Number ΑΚ 698
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Political Science and International Studies Double-major, Spanish Minor
Birthdate October 31, 1985
Awards Tripod and Open Book and Staff

Ellen Stanley (born 31 October 1985) is an Alumni Member of Alpha Kappa Chapter (ΑΚ 698) at the University of North Carolina.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

In high school, Ellen was very involved in 4-H for ten years. Upon entering college, she began looking for an organization to be involved in that endorsed many of the ideals she had developed during her time in 4-H. She discovered Phi Sigma Pi in spring of her freshman year and was immediately drawn to it because PSP, like 4-H, believed that learning and fun went hand in hand. However, she was unable to pledge both that semester and the following due to class conflicts. Thus, Ellen was finally able to rush and received a bid from Alpha Kappa in her third semester at UNC. She was the Scholarship Chair of her Pledge class and sponsored an event with the bi-lingual after school program where she volunteered weekly.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Kappa Chapter

Ellen was very involved in her one semester as an Active Brother, serving on the Initiation and Service Committees. During the spring of her junior year, Ellen studied abroad in Havana, Cuba. Thus, she was unable to participate in PSP. However, her time in Cuba was one of the most influential experiences of her life and sparked her interest in Cuban-US Relations on which she wrote her Honors Thesis during her senior year. During her final year at UNC, Ellen served as Parliamentarian of Alpha Kappa and was very involved in all her Chapter's events.

Bigs and Littles

Ellen's bigs are Sarah Fish and Sarah Grosblatt (Alpha Zeta Class).

Ellen's littles are Ali Nabours (Alpha Theta Class) and Chizzy Ohanyerenwa (Alpha Kappa Class).

Alumni Years to Present

After graduating from the University of North Carolina in May 2008, Ellen applied for and received the position of Region Consultant and generally serves the East Coast from Virginia south to Florida. In the future, she plans to go to law school and hopefully pursue a career in International or Diplomatic Law.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Ellen was involved in her high school Chem-A-Thon and Science Olympiad Teams but chose to avoid science completely in college.
  • She is an accomplished seamstress and made her Junior Prom Dress as well as a collection of Victorian dresses for her high school theater department.
  • Ellen waited tables at Ham's Restaurant in Chapel Hill during her senior year of college.
  • When Ellen was at a loss for words, Region Consultant Kelly Albright added "Ellen's done everything that you've done, except more. She is known fondly by the other consultants as "Fuzzy," which probably has something to do with her hair. She's from the south and PROUD OF IT!"--all of which are pretty much true...