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Alpha Kappa Chapter.

Alpha Kappa Chapter (Founded 11 November 1990) is located at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The chapter was founded by Tau Alumnus Mark Pabst and is a member of the Mid Atlantic Region.

Chapter History

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Alpha Kappa Chapter was founded November 11, 1990. The person generally credited with starting the chapter is Mark Pabst, AK 1, an alumni Brother from Tau Chapter. More than 120 brothers were inducted at founding.

Early Years

The first president of Alpha Kappa was Patricia Sumrell. In the Spring of 1991 the first initiate class, the Alphas, was inducted.

The Active Chapter

The current chapter consists of approximately 100 brothers who comprise 9 committees:

Recruitment committee is the face of Phi Sigma Pi for the rushees. We plan events during two weeks of open and closed recruitment to ensure that the brothers get an adequate perception of the rushees and the rushees get an adequate perception of Phi Sigma Pi. Recruitment helps find potential brothers and helps them love the fraternity.

The scholarship committee strives to provide brothers with opportunities that will expand them not only intellectually, but also socially and culturally. The scholarship committee is a platform for brothers to share their passions with the brotherhood and upholds our philosophy of “forever learning." Through diverse events ranging from informational speeches and seminars to culturally inspired dance lessons, we hope to diversify the brotherhood and create well-rounded intellects.

Service is about building relationships within our community to provide for the needs of others, develop positive relationships, and experience the rewarding service is. Our goal is to develop a heart for service within our brothers, so as they graduate and move into the real world they will get and stay involved helping their communities. Service committee plans events to fundraise for our national philanthropy, the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Association (HOBY).

Information Technology committee focuses on managing fraternity listservs, emails, and websites while finding ways to use technology in order to improve the fraternity's needs

Alumni committee helps build the connection between current brother of Phi Sigma Pi and brothers who have graduated. The committee makes sure alumni stay well informed of major events that occurs in the brotherhood. It establishes a link between generations so that alumni can still actively participate, even after they have left the brotherhood. Through the Alumni Advisory Board, several active alumni serve as consultants for matters of the current chapter.

The fundraising committee raises money for the fraternity. We have done this in a variety of ways, including merchandise sales, restaurant benefit nights, and other fun fraternity events. The money raised goes toward fraternity events and programs.

The Intramural/Recreation committee works with campus recreation as well as members of the fraternity in order to facilitate recreational activities for Phi Sigma Pi's members. These activities include intramural sports, as well as fraternity only activities such as trivia, independent on campus tournaments, or any recreational interest brothers may have.

The Standards Committee presides over the House System. The House System consists of 4 houses: Torchia, Harryhill, Bigelow, and Rollawood. All brothers of Alpha Kappa are divided into these 4 houses, with the exception of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, House System Coordinator, and Mediators. Each House has a motto, a crest, house colors, and a mascot. Each house is lead by a House Head that is voted on by the members of the House. The House System is under the responsibility of the House System Coordinator.

Social committee is committed to creating events that encourage the fellowship area of the tripod. From "brother dates" to social parties throughout the semester, we serve as a fun and relaxing outlet for our brothers to bond and maximize fellowship.

Public Relations committee is the face of Phi Sigma Pi to the rest of the university. The PR committee is constantly working to publicize different events that the fraternity puts on, as well as updating all of Phi Sigma Pi's social media pages.

The Inter-Chapter Relations committee ...

Current Executive Board

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Alpha Kappa Chapter Initiate Classes

Twenty-three members were welcomed to the Beta Beta innate class on September 28, 2015.


  • Alpha Eta, Spring 2006
  • Alpha Theta, Fall 2006
  • Alpha Iota, Spring 2007
  • Alpha Kappa, Fall 2007
  • Alpha Lambda, Spring 2008
  • Alpha Mu, Fall 2008
  • Alpha Nu, Spring 2009
  • Alpha Xi, Fall 2009
  • Alpha Omicron, Spring 2010
  • Alpha Pi, Fall 2010
  • Alpha Rho, Spring 2011
  • Alpha Sigma, Fall 2011

Active Classes

  • Alpha Tau, Spring 2012
  • Alpha Upsilon, Fall 2012
  • Alpha Phi, Spring 2013
  • Alpha Chi, Fall 2013
  • Alpha Psi, Spring 2014
  • Alpha Omega, Fall 2014
  • Beta Alpha, Spring 2015
  • Beta Beta, Fall 2015

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Alpha celebrates the Chapter's founding...

Battle of the Bands

This event is a Battle of the Bands at a local venue called He's Not Here. This event raises money for the national philanthropy, the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Association (HOBY).

Other Event or Activity

This activity is...

Notable Alumni

Founding Member
National President (1996-1998)
National Vice President (1993-1996)
Vice President of Membership Development (1990-1993)
National Alumni Representative (1989-1990)
  • Brent Ridge (1992)
The Fabulous Beekman Boys (reality TV show airing on Planet Green)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

Other Awards

Further Resources

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