Food Sales

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Event Type: Food Sales, Bake Sales

Average Amount Raised: Almost $150

Startup Cost: costs to purchase any food supplies and for advertising.

Time required: minimal, the largest time constraint is if your school requires you to register the event or reserve a table/location.

Resources required: food, manpower, promotional materials

Materials required: promotional materials (flyers, chalked pavement signs, etc), starting cash/change

Event Summary: Raise money through selling food and/or baked goods on campus.


1. Find the location and secure any required approval or reservations.

2. Have members sign up for shifts and roles

3. Organize food preparation the night before

4. Staff the sales table and promotional locations.

Best Practices

  • If there is a food item that is not readily available near campus, buy them in bulk and drive/ship them in for your event
  • Confirm where, when, and what items you can and cannot sell before you invest any money
  • Sell food when students may be most interested;
    • During study weeks or finals when students may be looking for convenient options

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