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The Gamma Pi Chapter Freedom Family, is a segment of the Gamma Pi chapter who formed with the merging of three family lines.

The current Freedom Family as of Spring 2016

Family History

The Freedom Family was formed on the Light Rail in the Fall of 2013. At the time, the DTF Family and the Flame Family both only had two members each, and the Fish Family was very small. They decided to merge lines to combat the fact that the other families in Gamma Pi were so large.

The Freedom Family was named in honor of the Founding Fathers of this great country. Just like the Thirteen Colonies before them, these six brothers broke away from their lines to form a new family. The mascot of the Freedom Family is John Hancock.

As a relevant aside, the Flame Family began as a merger when Eta Classmates, Jeniffer K. McConnell (née Woo) and Katherine L. Jolie, decided to merge their families (which were both nameless) to become one family line. This was done because each of them were the only remaining active brothers of their respective family lines. They both went on to take Littles, Kelli Kulig, Laura Toll, and Santiago Hernandez. Of those Littles, Kelli Kulig and Laura Toll took on Littles. Jeniffer McConnell's GrandLittle did not take on a little, so post-Mu class, all members of the Flame Family are descended from Katherine Jolie's family line. Both Jeniffer and Katherine believe they were the first ones in Gamma Pi history to have merged families. It is interesting to see that this type of merging occurred again. :)

John Hancock, the greatest Founding Father

Family Insignia

Family Letters: Navy blue t-shirt, white primary letters on red background letters. These colors represent the true American nature of the Freedom Family.

Family Song: Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus

Relevant Asides:

  • John Hancock is our founding father since he is da bomb dot com.
  • The family flag was passed down through the Royal Line, but it ended with the graduation of the last member of the Royal Line.
  • There is no set tradition for Freedom Family nicknames, but most choose to use patriotic names.

Family Tree

Royal Line

Flame Line

Stars and Stripes Line

No Chill Line

left to right: Brenna L., Antonia B., Alex A. & Katie C.

Family Awards

Best Big/Little: Spring 2013 (Katie Clausius and Alex Andre)

Best New Big/Little: Fall 2013 (Tracey Timlin and Michele Chen)

Best New Big/Little: Fall 2014 (Zac McGee and Elena Kalodner)

Best Family Line: Fall 2014 (Antonia Bongiovi, Brenna Lewis, Zac McGee, and Elena Kalodner -- The Royal Line)

Best New Big/Little: Spring 2016 (Yuling Lok and Anna Kay Hunter)