Gamma Pi Chapter Name of the Week Family

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The Name of the Week Family, or NOW Family for short, is a segment of the Gamma Pi chapter who have descended from Claire Carberry and Ron Jennings. The Family fluctuates in size growing and shinking as various branches die off and others expand.

Family History

The Name of the Week Family can trace its lineage to the Alpha Delta Chapter. When the Chapter was formed Odelle Heimiller was one of the brothers who came to help get the Chapter running and served as Ron and Claire's Big Brother. The family got it name during during Gamma Pi's family naming phase. Unable to come up with a suitable and appropriate family name, the family kept changing it and trying out new names. One night at Applebee's while trying to figure out their next attempt at a family name, Joe Delozier stated that they were becoming the Name of the Week family. The name stuck, finally giving them a permanent identity.

Family Insignia

Family Letters: Gray t-shirt, light blue plaid letters on dark blue background letters. The Brother's nickname in dark blue letters on back.

These letters date back to the founding of the Family and are the longest continually used letters in Gamma Pi.

Family Tree

Family Awards

  • Best Family: Spring 2007; Fall 2008
  • Best Big/Little:
    • Emily Lynch & Stephen McBride (Spring 2007)
    • Mary Howard & Stephanie Gonzalez (Fall 2008)
  • History Quiz: Spring 2010