Hosting and Attending Inter-Chapter Events

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Inter-chapters events provide the opportunity to build the bonds of brotherhood with brothers and chapters in your region and around the country. Inter-chapter events take many forms such as regional conferences, chapter formals and Founder’s Day celebrations, service projects, sporting tournaments, and scholarship trips. Chapters hosting inter-chapter events as well as chapters traveling to inter-chapter should be aware of the risks associated with these types of events.

Hosting an Inter-Chapter Event

As the chapter hosting an inter-chapter event, your chapter should make certain preparations to ensure the safety and well being of guests. When inviting chapters to attend an inter-chapter event make sure to inform visiting chapters of your chapter’s risk management policies and procedures. As guests of your chapter, visiting chapters are expected to follow any policies or procedures your chapter has established.

Attending an Inter-Chapter Event

As your chapter prepares to attend an inter-chapter event, preparations should be made to ensure the experience is safe for those involved. As a guest, your chapter is expected to adhere to any risk management policies and procedures the host chapter establishes. Your chapter must also adhere to their own risk management policies and procedures. When discrepancies exist between the two, the guest chapter must adhere to the stricter of the policy. For example, your chapter may prohibit the consumption of alcohol at any Phi Sigma Pi event by any member but the host chapter may allow members of the legal age to consume alcohol. In this situation, members of your chapter are still prohibited from consuming alcohol in order to comply with your chapter’s risk management policy.

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