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Many Chapters have the recurring problem of recruiting too few males. One of the biggest issues we face as a National Fraternity is proving to our universities that we really are gender inclusive. In a lot of ways, we do this to ourselves in the recruitment and PR tactics we use. Here are a few ideas for recruiting males that you may not have though of. For the purpose of this page we do focus on students who identify as male, though we acknowledge that this is limited our outreach in some ways. Chapters are encouraged to recruit the best prospective members who are reflective of the campus community and not restrict recruitment to any particular group of students.


When making your recruitment posters, make sure you’re using fonts or other elements that would appeal to a gender inclusive audience.


Using light purple and baby yellow, while pretty, probably will not scream gender inclusive at the males that read your posters. Using black, gold and dark purple in your colored posters, or school colors, for your recruitment t-shirts might help males to see that this organization is not just for females.

Campus involvement

Throughout the year, get involved with other campus organizations that have a lot of male members. Support their events, co-sponsor events with them, send males to their meetings to invite them to rush, have a mixer with them, etc.


Hang posters and flyers in “manly” places on campus. For example, all male dorms (or floors), cafeteria, men's bathrooms, recreation or intramural sports centers. There are also majors and colleges that are stereotypically male-oriented. Areas like engineering, architecture, building construction are great places to start. Hanging posters/fliers in those buildings or classrooms may yield better results.

Balance: For Recruitment events

Have a flag football night, have a BBQ wing night, help fix a house for service, etc.


At the “meet Phi Sigma Pi” nights, have similar amount of male and female brothers standing in front of the room. Every chapter does it differently, but it will really help to portray a 50-50 truly co-ed fraternity. If you chapter does not have many Active male members consider asking Alumni or members from a nearby chapter to help.


During recruitment, have the male brothers approach male prospectives. Invite them to play basketball, watch a game, or whatever is going on with other male Phi Sigma Pi brothers.


These approaches are understood to be certain stereotypes about what may appeal to a male prospective member. It is important that your Chapter do what you think it appropriate for your Chapter and for your campus community. Understand that not all male students will respond similarly to these ideas. These can be considered starting points but it is up to the Chapter to recruit the best potential members regardless of their gender identity.


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