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This page contains news articles that reference Phi Sigma Pi or Brothers. The five most recent articles are listed below and on the home page of the wiki. Older articles are archived by the year they were published. Additionally each article is references on the page of the Chapter of Chapter of the Member they mention.

Most Recent News

Machete’s (Η) passion for the Autism Awareness Week project is so deep that he’s also working to make sure it lives on after he graduates this spring. He’s working with a close friend and brother in his honor fraternity, Oktober Appleby, and he plans to hand over the project’s reins to her after the conclusion of this year’s event.

Viewpoint: How I turned my college experience around ( - January 13, 2016)
I went on a trip to Chicago with a student organization, which was hard after a semester of feeling rejected. But on that trip, I ended up making new friends. I also joined Phi Sigma Pi, a gender-inclusive honors fraternity. The process took me out of my comfort zone, but it also introduced me to some of my best friends. Arielle Hines (ΓΜ)

Phi Sigma Pi wins 3 awards at convention ( - August 28, 2015)
At the annual National Convention for Phi Sigma Pi, Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Eta chapter of the National Honor Fraternity won three awards: Best in Western Pennsylvania Region, The C. H. McClure Single Service Award and the Sanders P. McComsey Most Improved Old Chapter Award. “To be recognized on a national scale for all the work we’ve done in the past year felt extremely gratifying, and will only serve to motivate us to achieve even more in the next year,” Aubrey Keperling (Η) said.

Army vet conquers battle for college degrees at BGSU ( - May 10, 2015)
As commencement speaker Thomas Snitch exhorted Bowling Green State University’s new graduates Saturday not to underestimate themselves, his message surely was not lost on Tanya Schardt (ΕΒ). The Army veteran from Fremont nearly lost her life in Iraq on Halloween, 2007, when an improvised explosive device struck the armored Humvee in which she and four colleagues rode. Two were killed, two suffered minor injuries, and Ms. Schardt spent the better part of the next two years in hospitals.

A love letter to my time at a small school ( - May 4, 2015)
Having spent my first year participating in “social activities,” my sophomore year was spent attempting to pack my resume with decent looking credentials. I co-founded Phi Sigma Pi (ΖΤ), the National Honor Fraternity on campus. I worked as an assistant for an international lawyer downtown who didn’t know how to type on a computer. I interned for U.S. Senator John Cornyn in his San Antonio headquarters.

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