Initiation Curriculum Introduction

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Before using any of the materials made available to your chapter, please review each of the lessons and consider the order in which these may be used in your program and what additional information you’ll want to include. As with any chapter, this should be a group discussion and decision that will involve the entire chapter. By working together to build consensus around the focus of the Initiation program, you will foster a stronger and more engaged Brotherhood.

The lesson plans are designed to include both group learning and individualized reading assignments and activities. These are only a “framework” to follow and not without room for modification and enhancement. How you teach the material is left to the discretion of the chapter. This guide has been designed with at least 6 weekly meetings. There are 5 companion quizzes, each focusing on the previous week’s material. These quizzes are very comprehensive and will assess the initiates’ knowledge base for each previous lesson. They are not meant to take the place of the national membership exam, which will be given at the end of the initiation program. These are fairly detailed and may be considered difficult, but the purpose of the quizzes is not to determine eligibility, but to assist the Initiate in preparing for membership in Phi Sigma Pi. Once graded and returned to the initiates, they will serve as thorough study guides for the final exam. In addition to the standardized national examination, each chapter may also administer a local exam that covers important information specific to your chapter’s structure and historical development.

Necessary Resources

Each initiate is to be provided with his/her own copy of the 12th Edition of The Scholar’s Province. In addition to the handbook, a binder should be given or ask that each initiate purchase one to use. The binders’ contents will be based on the specifics of your chapter’s program, but recommended materials include:

  • a printed document outlining the program requirements for your initiates
  • Contact sheet for Brothers and any other individuals the initiate might need to communicate with as part of the program (i.e advisors, alumni, honorary members)
  • A contact sheet for fellow initiate class members
  • Calendar of important dates and times for meetings or events, or require that each initiate use a daily planner to keep track of ongoing events and commitments

National Council and National Staff Information sheet

Optional Resources

The following are also available online for chapters to distribute:

  • Musical scores for “Brothers Are We” and “Brother”
  • Contact your Regional Consultant if you would like a copy emailed to you
  • Past National Award Winners
  • Past National Council Members

Resource Guides
Alumni Development · Chapter Awards · Chapter Finance and Fundraising · Inter-Chapter Events and Relations · Membership Development · Public Relations · Risk Management · Scholarship · Service and TFA Programming · Social · Writing National Constitution Amendments
Chapter Officer Training Guides
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