Initiation Curriculum Lesson 1

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This will be your first meeting with the newly pinned initiates. During this time together, you should consider additional time for the initiates to get to know one another. There are many ice-breakers or social activities that can help facilitate this process.

There will be a considerable amount of information to cover, but it is important that the chapter takes the time needed to review everything together and allow initiates to ask questions about the information presented in these sections (make sure the Brothers are very familiar with the text!).

Selected readings to review during the first meeting

  • Introduction, Fraternity Concept, Balancing (pgs. 5 – 8)
  • The Initiation Program (pgs. 38 – 45)
  • The National Organization (pgs. 61 - 65)
  • Glossary & Website information (pgs. 66 – 68)

Starting with the first week, the initiates should begin to familiarize themselves with both the local chapter members as well as the names of our national staff and the National Council.

Recap and Preparing for Lesson 2

The following sections of The Scholar's Province should be assigned at the END of the first meeting with the Initiate Advisor. These topics will be covered during the second meeting.

  • Review ALL sections covered in the first meeting
  • Greek Alphabet (pg. 32)
  • Fraternal Songs (pgs. 36 – 37)
  • Insignia and Heraldry (pgs. 33 – 35)
  • Chapter Structure (pgs. 52 – 54)
    • I.A. should be prepared to discuss the specific structure of your chapter, including the titles of all officer positions and committees as well as the names of the Brothers holding positions of leadership.
    • A typed sheet with the titles of all positions and names of Brothers holding those positions should be presented to the initiates for inclusion in their binders. If possible, include committee membership and/or meeting times of those committees.

Resource Guides
Alumni Development · Chapter Awards · Chapter Finance and Fundraising · Inter-Chapter Events and Relations · Membership Development · Public Relations · Risk Management · Scholarship · Service and TFA Programming · Social · Writing National Constitution Amendments
Chapter Officer Training Guides
President · Vice President · Historian · Parliamentarian · Recruitment Advisor · Initiate Advisor · Secretary · Treasurer · General Officer