Initiation Curriculum Lesson 2

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At the beginning of meeting, administer QUIZ 1 to the initiates. Have several Brothers on hand to review and grade the quizzes so that they can be returned to the initiates at the end of the meeting for them to use as review guides.

The initiates were assigned sections of the text to read for this week. For this week, you should review the officer positions and committees that the chapter has. Explaining how the chapter is structured and organized will be very important for them to become integrated into chapter life. It is more beneficial if each officer and committee chair were to explain their own roles.

After the initiates have learned the lyrics for both Brothers Are We and Brother, you can help them learn the melody by singing them together as a group. Have the Big Brothers and other chapter members involved. Audio recordings of both songs are available online and on CD (contact the national office if your chapter does not have one). This activity should be repeated several times throughout the program.

Suggested Activity

In addition to learning our fraternal songs, it is important that all new Brothers form their own connection to the meaning of them. Ask that each initiate select one of the two songs and to reflect on the lyrics and what feelings or thoughts the words convey to them. They will have the week to reflect and prepare this assignment. It will be presented to the Brotherhood the following week. At that time, Brothers may want to ask the initiates to clarify their thoughts if unclear through the assignment. There is no right or wrong response for this assignment, but it does give the chapter some insight into the initiates’ perspective and their ongoing progress.

Recap and Preparing for Lesson 3

The following sections of The Scholar's Province should be assigned for the initiates at the END of the second meeting with the Initiate Advisor

  • The Development of Fraternities (pg 8)
  • The History and Evolution of Phi Sigma Pi (pgs. 11 – 31)

Resource Guides
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