Nisha Rao

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Nisha Sathya Rao
Name Nisha Sathya Rao
Chapter Zeta Alpha
University of California, San Diego
Date Inducted 9 March, 2018
Roll Number 185
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Birthdate 27 October, 1998
Nicknames NishFish
Awards Most Likely to Cause An Earthquake with Her Sneeze (Banquet 2018)

Nisha Rao is a member of Zeta Alpha Chapter at University of California, San Diego.

Collegiate Career

When one of her college friends rushed Phi Sigma Pi, Nisha saw the kinds of people that were part of the fraternity and was motivated to join. As soon as she joined, she took up any leadership positions she could, like PR Chair, which she has held for two quarters as of Spring 2019.

As PR Chair, Nisha's goal has been to help the Chapter present itself in a more professional and cohesive way. She took over and restarted most of Zeta Alpha's social media accounts and is set to work on redesigning seals for each of Zeta Alpha's families. Her long term goal for the fraternity as a whole is to make the Chapter more efficient in planning for and executing events and activities, as well as improve the was the chapter tries to get their name out there.

Beyond fraternity life, Nisha has been pursuing a major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and is set to minor in American Sign Language. She currently holds an internship with The Scripps Research Institute, where she mostly performs PCR reactions and runs mouse genotyping electrophoresis gels. Her career goals are to achieve a doctorate and to work in the field, doing hands-on research similar to the kind of work she does now.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Alpha Chapter (Winter 2018 - Present)

  • Member (Winter 2018 - Present)
  • PR Chair (Fall 2018 - Present)

Bigs, Littles, and Family

Nisha is part of the Imperial Family. Her Big is Sabrina Luong and her Sib is Lilyanne Kurth-Yontz. Her Little is Rishabh Singhal

High5 Strengths Assessment

  • Deliverer: Deliverers follow through on their commitments and they enjoy seeing how it builds more trust and respect among others. They feel horrible if promises get broken - both on the receiving and giving side.
  • Empathizer: Empathizers are great at noticing how others feel and using this understanding to do something good. They are frustrated when asked to disregard feelings and emotions and follow strict logic instead.
  • Storyteller: Storytellers are masters of communication. They like to host, speak in public, and be listened to. They are drained in situations that do not allow them to express themselves through words.
  • Commander: Commanders love to be in charge, speak up, and be asked for a direct opinion. They do not avoid conflicts and cannot understand the "beating around the bush" mentality.
  • Philomath: Philomaths are in love with learning - exploring many interests, following new paths, and learning as many things as possible. They do not enjoy the company of "know-it-all" people who are not curious to learn something new or explore new ideas.


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