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Event Type: Shack-a-thon

Contributors: Beta Delta Chapter (Fall 2006 Form 110)

Location: Brickyard of NC State

Background: Fifteen shacks are built the Sunday before Shack-a-thon week, and they remain in the brickyard until the coming Friday when they are taken down. The Shacks must have two people in them at all times, including at night. Over the last couple of years, gaining a spot on the brickyard has become quite competitive, and only 15 shacks are allowed. The top four organizations to raise the most money receive a guaranteed spot on the brickyard and free wood to build their shacks.

Planning required: To gain a spot, organizations must place a bid of a minimum $100. To raise the money for Shack-a-thon, we asked members at meetings for donations, and we also held a cookout that was a minimum $5 donation. For the cookout we put fliers around a student residency, Wolf Village, informing people of the cookout. All together we were able to raise $750 for our initial bid. We were in 2nd place coming into Shack-a-thon.

Resources required:

Materials required: We got the wood from Lowe’s and built the shack with six other Phi Sigma Pi members. It took us two tries, but once more engineering students showed up, it was a breeze:

Event Summary: We wanted to approach Shack-a-thon differently this year to make it more fun while raising more money. Throughout the week we had numerous different events. Monday morning we sold left over breakfast items from the initiate retreat the weekend before. Monday night was the Habitat for Humanity meeting. Tuesday morning a brother showed up in a blow up horse and cowboy costume to raise money. This brother was able to raise the most money for the entire week: $250. The horse worked really well.

Tuesday night was Cookout night. We went around to all the other shacks and asked them if they wanted food from a fast food chain called Cookout, but they had to pay us extra to go and get it, thus making a profit overall. Wednesday two of our brothers dressed in drag to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity. The two brothers together were able to raise close to $200.

Wednesday night was the Big/Little event, so that everyone could get to know one another better. Thursday night was supposed to be games night, but that was rained out. Friday afternoon was whack-a-shack, where we allowed people to take a hit at our shack for $1. Throughout the week there were also running contests such as: the brother to raise the most money received a free dinner, any brother to stay in the shack for over ten hours (not including nights) received a leadership point, and our committee received free dinner if we received 4th place overall. We received 4th place raising $1,792.

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