Social Event Checklist

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The following is a Social Event Checklist for all social events a Chapter holds.

  • Host a Closed Party
    • Members and guests only
    • Limit guests to one couple per member
  • Focus Decorations and Activities on the Theme of the Party, NOT Alcohol
  • Serve Food
    • Appropriate to the theme
    • Avoid salty foods or snacks; serve foods high in protein
  • Appoint Social Monitors
    • Oversee the event to make sure all attending are well behaved
    • Agree not to consume alcohol or controlled substance that evening
    • Act as sober hosts who agree to make sure the event starts and ends on time
  • Appoint Designated Drivers
    • Will check all car keys at door as event begins
    • Act as sober hosts who agree to provide transportation home to any guest determined to be impaired, and to make arrangements to return keys the next day
  • Do Not Use Chapter Funds to Purchase Alcohol
    • Make event a “Bring Your Own Beverage” and limit amount allowed. For example, for a four-hour party, limit each person of legal drinking age to a six-pack of beer or six ounces of straight alcohol
    • Do not allow members to pass the hat to purchase alcohol
  • Do Not Sell Alcohol
    • Charging for admission or a cup and then providing alcohol is no different than selling by the drink.
    • The chapter cannot provide alcohol under any circumstances, even if it is served free to members and guests
  • Check IDs at the Door, and Identify those over the Legal Drinking Age in some Unique way, such as Wrist Bracelets.
  • Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Display them Attractively
    • Use the same cups for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so everyone feels comfortable
    • Be imaginative; serve a non-alcoholic drink that goes with the event theme
  • Set Starting Time and Ending Tim for the Event and Stick with them, Limit the Event to Four Hours.
  • Do NOT Permit Drinking Games
  • Monitor for the Intoxicated
    • If he/she has any breathing problems, call for emergency medical help immediately
    • Do not hesitant to call for emergency personnel if you need any assistance
    • Avoid problems, limit guests to no more than a six pack of beer or the equivalent
  • Be a Responsible Host
    • If you invite a guest, you are responsible for controlling his or her behavior
    • Hosting a party is not a lark; all members and especially the officers are accountable if a problem occurs
  • Do Not Allow Bottles
    • Bottles provide an opportunity for broken glass and injury to your guests. Restrict consumption of any beverages to cans and plastic cups.

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