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Event Type: T-Shirt Sales

Average Amount Raised: Potentially $10/shirt or more. Design appeal is very important.

Startup Cost: Roughly $10/shirt to probably $500 minimum. Speak with a t-shirt print shop first.

Time required: Roughly 2 weeks prep. Sell on-going or for key weekend event.

Resources required: Brother with design and/or humor skills. An honest print-shop. Brothers willing to sell shirts (and possibly a location to do so).

Event Summary: Have a brother design a powerful (funny, cool, event-relevant) and clear idea for a t-shirt and draw the design. Price out with a t-shirt print shop the total cost of printing including fixed/startup costs, and calculate back to cost per shirt. Goal should be to sell shirts for roughly twice (or more) the total you pay for printing. Important watch-outs: Unless it's a very strong idea or small quantity, don't print the date/year on the shirt. Try to find ideas that sell well beyond just other PSP brothers -- it's not really a fundraiser if we just give our money to each other!

Alternate idea: If you have a great design idea but don't want to risk the upfront spend, consider an online site like cafepress.com or similar. You give up much of the margin and some of the selling power, but significantly reduce/eliminate the risk of getting stuck with inventory.


  1. Design
  2. Pricing via print-shop
  3. Print
  4. Sell
  5. Store (safely) what you can't sell. Thus, the importance of no dates on the shirt.

Contributors: Josh Marder, Alpha Rho

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