14th Empowered Council

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National President Henry W. Olsen, Rho
National Vice President
(office changed to Senior Vice President in 1990)
Albert K. Sundberg, Theta
National Secretary/Treasurer
(office abolished in 1988)
Sanders P. McComsey, Sigma
National Counselor
(office changed to Vice President of Chapter Development in 1990)
Stanley W. Lore, Lambda^ (1951)
James K. Stoner, Eta (1951-1953)
National Historian
(office abolished in 1990)
Perry G. McCandless, Alpha

Key to Symbols

(D) - Died in office
(A) - Acting/Interim
(^) - Resigned from office
(*) - Information unavailable

14th Empowered Council
Preceded By
13th Empowered Council
Succeeded By
15th Empowered Council