Alyssa Morisato

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Alyssa Morisato
Grand Chapter Banquet 2011
Name Alyssa Morisato
Chapter Zeta Lambda
University of California - Los Angeles
Date Inducted June 3rd, 2011
Roll Number ΖΛ 6
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member ΔΩ 225
Major Psychology
Birthdate April 8th, 1990
Nicknames Lyss, I <3 GB, Wikipedia, Queen Bee
Awards Zeta Lambda Most Valuable Brother Award 2012, Zeta Lambda Triple Threat (Tripod) Award 2012, Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Award 2012

Alyssa Morisato (born 8 April 1990) is an Alumni Member of Zeta Lambda Chapter (ΖΛ 6) at UCLA.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Alyssa Morisato was born and bred in the Bay Area of Northern California. She attended both Washington High School in Fremont, California and Mission College in Santa Clara, California before deciding to transfer to UCLA for Fall 2010, in lieu of being rejected from UC Berkeley. As a psychology major and honors student, she looked for ways to expand her learning, help others, and make friends in a new city. That and with the intent having a stellar resume for law school.

In Spring Quarter 2011, Alyssa received an email regarding recruitment to Phi Sigma Pi, and attended an information meeting with future Zeta Lambda Chapter President Jun Du. After the information session, she quickly applied for the positions of Chapter Vice President, Parliamentarian, Historian, and Secretary. It was at initiate pinning that she found she had been selected to be the Vice President for the new colony. It was also at her initiate pinning that she met Josh Marder, and took his belief that you get back much more than you give to Phi Sigma Pi. After a successful colony period that spring, Alyssa was pinned an active member of Phi Sigma Pi June third, 2011. Alyssa was elected Grand Chapter Delegate from the Zeta Lambda Chapter for the 2011 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention. Following Grand Chapter, Alyssa intended on creating the best term for Zeta Lambda that Fall 2011 term as well as every subsequent term of her undergraduate career. Alyssa was President of the Zeta Lambda Chapter until her graduation from UCLA in which she was succeeded by President Elect Jonathan Mendoza.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Lambda Chapter

As an undergraduate Brother, Alyssa attempted to stay very active within the Chapter as well as within the Pacific Coast Region and national scope. At Zeta Lambda Alyssa took on the leadership opportunities offered to her and ultimately rose to the rank of Chapter President. Additionally she was an active part of the Scholarship Committee, a frequent participant in the Service and Initiate Committees, and occasional volunteer of the Fundraising Committee. During her time at Zeta Lambda she attended almost all of the event programming set up at the Chapter, as well as being a familiar face at many Inter-Chapter Relations events within the region.

Road trips to other local Chapters quickly became one of Alyssa's favorite events to participate in as it promoted her ability to connect and interact with the leadership in other Chapters. To this day she credits her enthusiasm for Phi Sigma Pi and connections across Chapters to the time she spent participating in ICR functions.

Alyssa first became involved with the fraternity at the National level by attending the 2011 National Convention/Grand Chapter in Washington D.C. as the Delegate for the Zeta Lambda Chapter. It was at that National Convention that she completed the program to become a Certified Local Facilitator for Leadership in Action so that the Pacific Coast Region would be able to have local modules to advance their leadership training and programming. Following the convention Alyssa looked for more ways to stay involved and participated for a time on the National Development Committee, headed by then Vice President of Chapter Development, Kyle Williams. Prior to the 2012 National Convention/Grand Chapter, Alyssa joined the Empower Phi Sigma Pi movement and was nominated and elected by her Chapter for the second time to be the Delegate for the convention, however she stepped down from the opportunity which was filled in by Brother Jonathan Mendoza.

Alyssa Morisato (with food in her mouth) accepting the 2012 Triple Threat Award from Scholarship and Awards Chair Katie Westbrook on behalf of the Zeta Lambda Chapter

Prior to graduating Alyssa's service to the Chapter was recognized by some awards and superlatives. At Zeta Lambda's first annual Chapter banquet she was awarded the unique instance of winning both the Chapter's first Most Valuable Brother Award for her contributions towards the Chapter, as well as Zeta Lambda's first Triple Threat Award for her embodiment of the Tripod's three ideals of Leadership, Fellowship, and Scholarship. She expected neither award, and thus historical pictures taken at the banquet show Alyssa trying not to spew or choke on the food she was eating when the winner was announced as well as when she was to accept the award. For her nerdy obsession with zombies and apocalypse preparedness (which she used as a running event theme), Alyssa was awarded the "Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse" superlative. Alyssa was touched by all the awards given to her and considered them to be her greatest achievements at the Zeta Lambda Chapter.

Alumni Years to Present

Following graduation from UCLA, Alyssa moved back to her original home in the Bay Area in Fall 2012. While looking for work, she began spending her free time becoming an active part of the most local Chapter to her, which in a stroke of irony is the Delta Omega Chapter at UC Berkeley. Because she continues to have a relationship and friends in Southern California, she splits her time between the Bay Area and Los Angeles and visits both frequently. As such, she hopes to maintain a strong connection with both the Zeta Lambda Chapter and the Delta Omega Chapter as an Alumna.

Zeta Lambda Chapter Involvement

Alyssa tries to remain active with her collegiate Chapter by regularly contacting active Brothers and staying active on their discussion pages. She is still regularly invited to all Chapter events and tries to make time during her frequent visits to SoCal to spend time with the Chapter.

Delta Omega Chapter Involvement

Alyssa regularly attends weekly Chapter general meetings and sometimes embroiders during Chapter E-Board, giving advice when asked, and when she feels advice is needed (which unfortunately is definitely less necessary than she speaks). She also attempts to participate in any events invited to as well as bond with all Brothers of the Chapter and make monetary contributions and volunteer her time as she can. She enjoys being a part of the Chapter's social games and has been a part of nearly every "family house" team from one week to the next. Utilizing her resources and friends in the area, she also tries to promote some public relations for Chapter events and fundraising.

National Involvement

Alyssa believes in staying as active and involved in the fraternity as possible, even up to the National level. She continues to be a Local Facilitator for Leadership in Action, such that Northern California Chapters can have access to local modules. Additionally she is always looking for new opportunities to be involved and to get other Brothers active in the fraternity as well. She currently has plans to continue helping the Delta Omega Chapter and potentially re-activate their Alumni Advisory Board program which has been defunct since approximately 2005. She also hopes to reactivate the defunct Bay Area Alumni Association with assistance from the original Founders, or given the interest Found a new Alumni Chapter as a replacement. Alyssa's other goals for her own personal involvement on the National scale is becoming more active in either the National Office, National Council, or the Phi Sigma Foundation, and one day re-activating the Delta Nu Chapter in her family's hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii.

National Involvement

  • Delegate for Zeta Lambda to the 2011 National Convention
  • National Development Committee
  • Zeta Alpha Roadtrip - December 2011
  • Mingling with the Mu's - January 2012
  • Snowpocalypse - January 2012
  • Kapow?! Pacific Coast Regional Convention - April 2012
  • Zeta Mu Formal - June 2012
  • Zeta Lambda Banquet - June 2012

Bigs and Littles

As a Founding Member Alyssa has no Big. Her Family are called the Savage Pennies, named for one of her real ancestors; Penny, The Savage.

Savage Pennies

Savage Pennies Family photo at WOMP: Rosy Garcia-Rivas, Scott Wilson, Alyssa Morisato, and Charnelle Ruff. Missing from photo: Avalon Jones

Alyssa Morisato has 4 Little Brothers (As of Winter 2012):

Alpha Pledge Class

  • Rosy Garcia-Rivas - Alpha Class
  • Avalon Jones - Alpha Class, Alumna
  • Charnelle Ruff - Alpha Class
  • Scott Wilson - Alpha Class

Academic Degrees

  • Mission College Class of 2010, Associate of Arts - Psychology
  • University of California - Los Angeles Class of 2012, Bachelor or Arts - Psychology

Further Resources

  • Alyssa can be reached at or found on Facebook.
  • Alyssa managed the Rush ΖΛ Phi Sigma Pi page and suggests you like it.

Alyssa is a major Facebook lurker and Newsfeed spammer. Post anything on the PCR page or the Team Zeta page and she'll be sure to see it.

Other Interesting Facts

  • Alyssa enjoys fun facts.
  • Alyssa ran all Zeta Lambda Chapter meetings wearing a sombrero as a Vice President.
  • Alyssa owns the official "Zipper the Flying Squirrel" costume for Zeta Lambda despite losing her nomination of a honey badger.
  • Alyssa was the first Zeta Chapter speaker on the floor at the 2011 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention.
  • Alyssa treats the Zeta Lambda Chapter charter like her own baby and literally shook for an hour after receiving it.
  • If there is something about Phi Sigma Pi, Alyssa probably knows it. She enjoys reading the Scholar's Province, the official Phi Sigma Pi Website, and random pages of the PSP wiki. She probably knows about you too.
  • Alyssa invented the "Bag of Happiness" as an incentive for initiates to do their requirements on time.
  • Alyssa is the only brother to ever earn bonus points on the national exam. Bonus points are unfortunately worth nothing.
  • Alyssa is a big fan of risk management and claims to do it all the time.
  • Alyssa drew the first official image of the Zeta Lambda Chapter's mascot "Zipper the Flying Squirrel" which is still used on many Zeta Lambda documents and events today.
  • Alyssa is often lampooned for frequently making a double thumbs up gesture in Chapter photos.