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The Chapter In the News project is a task to document news articles for every Chapter. This is part of the wiki Projects list.


We currently document news articles from Google Alerts in the In the News page. This lists the five most recent articles. Past articles can be found on their archive page by year, for example; In_The_News_Archives:_2010. This project is to cross reference all articles to the Chapter they are about by adding the article title and link to the bottom of each Chapter page's In the News section (see: Delta_Alpha#In_the_News). You can find the In the News section near the bottom of every Chapter page. Articles should be listed chronologically with the most recent on top. As projects are completed and reviewed please move them from the Open Projects section to the Completed Projects section below. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help. If you have questions click the discussion tab and leave a note so that we can help you.

Open Projects

Add Articles

  • need to update Chapter pages as new articles are added to the main In the News content on the homepage

Completed Tasks

Add template

Add Articles

  • Add all articles from 2011
  • Add all articles from 2010
  • Add all articles from 2009
  • Add all articles from 2008
  • Add all articles from 2007