Flat Stanley Project

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Flat Stanley Project

Flat Stanley Project is based off a children's book and the idea is that Flat Stanley can be sent to different people and sent back decorated to represent that person. [Read more here]

Epsilon Xi decided to pimp out their Stanley for the first annual Founders Day Formal.

Founder's Day Formal 2010
Stanley's got Epsilon Xi's back!
Brother Sara Scobee is blown away by Stanley's awesomeness!
Brothers Emmie, Anu, and Ruru with Stanley

Alison Cox headed out to National Convention in 2010 and she brought Stanley with her. Here's a couple of shots of Stanley with some very important people!

Our Stanley is showing VPF Matthew Nicoletta that he's an expert with Robert's Rules
Stanley looks pretty cozy with National President Jonah Goodman!
Stanley is letting our new Region Consultant Sarah Alderman that Epsilon Xi is AWESOME!
There's no way Stanley will ever be as tall as Kyle Williams