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Below are Scholarship ideas related to food tasting and cooking.

Food Tasting

Ethic Food Sampling

Event Type: eating

Contributors: several

Planning required: food preparation, background knowledge about the food preparation and presentation

Event Summary: If your chapter has someone who enjoys cooking or has some delicious family ethnic food recipes have them prepare some traditional meals that may not be common to most Brothers. Have them host a dinner where they explain the background of the food in their culture and you expose Brothers to various ethnic foods they may not have otherwise been brave enough to try. You can expand this event to present nutritional information, cultural significance and history of various ethnic and/or cultural foods. You can also easily broaden the scope of the event and Brothers participating by having an "around the world" meal where there are several food presentations.


Cooking Classes

Event Type: cooking

Contributors: several

Planning required: finding a kitchen and supplies

Event Summary: Explore the world beyond ramen noodles. If your chapter has someone who is known for their cooking have them host informal cooking classes. The classes can be as basic or advanced as the audience needs. Add a twist by selling tickets for a simple fund raiser or have someone discuss the science behind what is going and taste test various differences in ingredients/methods.

Etiquette Classes

Event Type: etiquette lunch/dinner

Contributors: several

Planning required: finding an etiquette instructor and location

Event Summary: At a past National Convention we brought in an etiquette instructor to discuss proper etiquette to use during a lunch meeting/interview. This can be replicated on a smaller level and combined with other Career Related Events as senior preparation events.

Additional Resources

For more ideas see: Parliamentary Dinners

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