Holly Jackson

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Holly Jackson
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Name Holly Jackson
Chapter Zeta Gamma
Cleveland State University
Date Inducted April 21, 2010
Roll Number 1
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Undergraduate-Urban Studies Graduate-Global Interaction/International Relations
Birthdate February 1, 1972
Nicknames Lala
Awards Golden Key Recipient,Outstanding Student of the Year, Outstanding Student Leader, Peggy Kirshner Award, "Service Above Self" Award, Who's Who of American College Students, Leadership Certified, Diversity Certified, Inspiration Award, President's Volunteer Award Gold Level, and President's Call to Service Award

Holly Jackson (born 02 01 1972) is an Alumni Member of Zeta Gamma Chapter (Chapter roll #1) at Cleveland State University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Holly Jackson had an interesting road to Phi Sigma Pi. Graduating high school in 1990, she decided to take her skills and talents to the University of Akron. There she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and participated in only one semester before getting pregnant and leaving school. She got married and had two more children while living and working in Akron, Ohio, Jacksonville, Florida, and the Atlanta, Georgia area before moving back to Ohio in 1996 where she continued to work and live. In 2002, tragedy struck her and her life was a roller coaster of events for the next five years. In 2005, she decided that she wanted to go back to school and fulfill her life long dream of a college degree. She enrolled in Lorain County Community College's Partnership Program with Cleveland State University. At LCCC she worked with the Student Senate,was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa where she served as President for two years and obtained both an Associate's Degree in Individualized Studies and an Associate's of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. She also recieved a Certification in Public Administration. She then transfered to Cleveland State University with the hopes of obtaining a degree in the Urban Studies field. Upon transferring to Cleveland State University, Holly found that there were numerous ways to get involved outside the classroom, so she did. She joined the Student Government Association where she became a Senator, a position of which she has held for over 2 years, the Campus Activities Board, where she was an Events Coordinator, and is currently holding the Director position for the 2011-2012 school year, S.T.A.T (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow), and sits on an unheard of 8 University Committees. She is the Student Liaison for the CSU/UFS Study Abroad program as well. If that wasn't enough, she decided that she wanted more and in a mere four months got all of the students and requirements necessary together to become the Founding Member of the Zeta Gamma chapter at Cleveland State University where she was the President for Spring of 2010 and the 2010-2011 school year. This Spring Holly graduated with an Urban Studies degree with a specialty in sustainability policy, but not before Zeta Gamma earned a whopping 22 awards at the spring awards banquet including but not limited to: Student Organization Leader of the Year Award,Student Organization Service of the Year Award,and Holly recieved the Peggy Kirshner Student Leader Award and the President's Call to Service Award from President Barack Obama for over 4,216 hours of volunteer service. What's next for Holly? She is on a mission to start the Greater Cleveland Alumni Chapter for Phi Sigma Pi and start Grad School where she will be studying Global Interaction and International Relations. If you have any doubt she can do it, just watch her!

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

Alumni Years to Present

Holly has just most recently become an Alumni and is in the process if trying to start an Alumni Chapter in the greater Cleveland area. If you're interested in becoming a part of that, please feel free to contact her.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Holly Jackson has 1 Little Brother:

  • Ryan Houchens is her 1st and only Lil. Ryan is also a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and is very active in the community and in Cleveland State University. He definitely has a good role model and it seems he is poised to follow in his Big's footsteps. He is taking over the reins of the Zeta Gamma chapter as the President for the 2011-2012 school year. He is very nervous and says, "Holly is an amazing person with the drive and tenacity like no one I have ever known. It's going to be impossible to fill her shoes, so I just strive to be half the person that she is, and give 110%. She is starting an Alumni chapter and will still be around, so Zeta Gamma will be just fine."

Further Resources

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Other Interesting Facts

Holly is a huge sports fan and extremely loyal to her: Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Ohio State Buckeyes. She has also been known to root for anyone who can beat The New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and any team the LeBron James is on or will go to in the future.

She plays the clarinet and the piano.

You can also find her on Twitter @pspprez