Initiation Curriculum Lesson 3

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Initiates will be presenting their song reflections to the Brotherhood. These should be typed and kept in the binders for review by any of the Brothers at a later time. It can serve as a way for initiates to reveal something about themselves and Brothers to get to know more about them.

At the beginning of the meeting, administer QUIZ 2 to the initiates. As with the first quiz, have several Brothers on hand to grade these and return before the end of the meeting.

The third initiate meeting will focus on the history of the fraternity. Much of this requires independent reading, but time may be used to answer questions or for initiates to seek clarification. You can review the history with the initiates using a “jeopardy” style game or some other fun interactive activity. Have the Brothers prepared for this session. It is embarrassing when we ask initiates to learn information that the Brotherhood fails to remember.

A very recent change (September 20th, 2006) was made at Alpha Chapter. The name of the school is now "University of Central Missouri".

This information should be emphasized since the name, “Central Missouri State University” is currently listed in The Scholar's Province as well as other fraternity documents (all of which will be updated with next scheduled printing)

Recap and Preparing for Lesson 4

The following sections of The Scholar's Province should be assigned at the END of the third meeting with the Initiate Advisor

  • Characteristics of a Stable Chapter (pg. 55)
  • The Active Undergraduate Member (pgs. 46 – 51)

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