Jeffrey Johnson

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Jeffrey L. Johnson
Name Jeffrey L. Johnson
Chapter Sigma
Millersville University
Date Inducted
Roll Number Σ 796
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Biochemistry
Birthdate 13 July 1965
Spouse Kim
Awards Distinguished Service Key, Phi Sigma Pi Award, Chapter Service Key, Torchia Scholarship

Jeffrey L. Johnson (born 13 July 1965) is an Alumni Member of Sigma Chapter (Σ 796) at Millersville University. Jeff is widely known for leading a national effort to revitalize and expand the struggling fraternity during the mid- and late nineteen eighties. During his years of national service, Jeff saw the fraternity grow from just six active Chapters to over 70. As National President, he also oversaw the construction of the National Headquarters building in 1996. In 2007, Jeff and his wife Kim established the Jeffrey and Kim Johnson Existence and Expansion Endowment Fund. Jeff is currently serving as the Director of Finance on the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board of Directors.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Jeff grew up in Millersville, Pennsylvania, less than a mile from the Millersville University campus. As a Freshman, Jeff lived at home and commuted to campus. In his second semester, he received a letter from Phi Sigma Pi inviting him to come to rush. Jeff thought that this would be a great way to meet people and get involved on campus.

Collegiate Years at Sigma Chapter

As an active member of Sigma Chapter, Jeff held several offices, including Corresponding Secretary, Initiate Advisor, and Vice President.

Alumni Years to Present

After graduating from Millersville in 1987 with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Jeff attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, completing his M.S. in Chemistry in 1990.


Jeff married Kim Ehrenfeld (Sigma Chapter Alumna) in 1993. Kim was the President of second co-educational initiate class for Sigma Chapter. She graduated with a B.S. ed. in Mathematics in 1991. Kim would go on to obtain her M.S. ed. in Mathematics from Millersville in 2006. The couple has two children, Kelli, born in 1996, and Tracy, born in 1999.

Professional Life

Since 1991, Jeff has worked for New Pig Corporation, an industrial clean-up/safety company. He started as Technical Services Manager, moved into Product Marketing and was promoted to Director of European Operations in 1996. After three years in this position, Jeff became the Special Projects Director, and in 2001, was again promoted, this time to Vice President of Operations. Jeff continues to act as VP of Operations at New Pig.

Jeffrey and Kim Johnson Existence and Expansion Endowment Fund

In 2007, Jeff and his wife Kim approached the National Office about creating the Jeffrey and Kim Johnson Existence and Expansion Endowment Fund. The fund was established to help increase funds available to our expansion efforts as well as to aide struggling chapters in hopes that they can avoid closing.

National Offices Held

The Long Range Planning Committee had the task of ensuring Phi Sigma Pi's future by reactivating chapters that were inactive.

Bigs and Littles

Jeff's Big Brother is Darrin Mann.

Jeff has 2 Little Brothers:

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National President
Preceded By
Steven A. DiGuiseppe, Sigma
Succeeded By
Dr. Mark D. Pabst, Tau, Alpha Kappa
Vice President of Chapter Development
Preceded By
Scott J. Finkelstein, Sigma
Succeeded By
Jennifer S. Shaffer, Kappa