Lauren Tanguay

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Lauren Tanguay
Lauren and moose.jpg
Name Lauren Tanguay
Chapter Epsilon Theta
Georgia Institute of Technology
Date Inducted April 9th, 2010
Roll Number 84
Alumni Chapter/Assoc N/A
Honorary Member N/A
Major Architecture and Computer Science
Birthdate February 10
Spouse N/A
Nicknames Thing 1, Master Navigator

Lauren Tanguay (born Feb 10) is a Collegiate Member of Epsilon Theta (ΕΘ 84) at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Lauren decided to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology to prove that a Tanguay could in-fact graduate from Georgia Tech, as both of her parents attended and dropped out. She is currently working toward two undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Computer Science. Shortly after the start of the second semester of sophomore year Lauren realized that she needed to be more involved in activities outside of campus. Fate struck once again, while reading her email she saw an advertisement for a Phi Sigma Pi info session which started in thirty minutes and she decided to attend. It was love at first sight.

Collegiate Years at Epsilon Theta Chapter

After being inducted on April 9th, 2010 as Epsilon Theta's 84th Brother, Lauren participated in many of the Chapter events such as Retreat and Formal. She quickly made many close friends which strengthened after events such as Brotherhood Retreat and spring break with some fellow Brothers. She has held several positions within the Chapter including Public Relations Chair, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

  • Lauren is the first little of Shannon Lindsey which makes her a member of Epsilon Theta's Fay Family. She is also the Twin of Lauren McDonald. She is nicknamed Thing One by her fellow family member when it was realized that there would now be two Lauren's in the family.

  • Lauren now has two littles of her own; Jackie Wehling of Theta Class, and Daniel Blanchard of the Lambda Class

Family Tree

The Fay Family
Tom Fay (Charter)
Paymen Sabetghadam (Α) Anand Nallathambi (Β) Shannon Lindsey (Ε) Tyler Cunningham* (Charter)
Yichen Fang (Β) Tyler Edelen* (Α) Robert Fisher (Ι) Lauren Tanguay (Ζ) Lauren McDonald (H)

Sven Schlumpberger (Δ) Minnie Tang (Ε) Jackie Wehling (Θ) Daniel Blanchard (Λ) Robyn Marshall (Ι) Rahul Duvvuri(Λ)
Ryan Davis (Ζ) Victoria Mattox* (Ε) Peyton Airington(Λ) Maggie McKinney (Κ)
Aaron Finkel (Λ)

Inactive Alumni Initiate Active Brother * = Adopted into the family
The Fay Family Fall 2012 after Induction
The Fay Family Fall 2012 at the Alumni Banquet
Shannon, Tanguay and Mcdonald at Induction Fall 2010
The Fay Family at Spring Formal 2010: Tyler Edelen (Alumni), Lauren Tanguay, Tom Fay (Alumni), Shannon Lindsey, Tyler Cunninham (Alumni)

Other Interesting Facts

  • Lauren refuses to wear matching socks
  • She has been known to make strange noises while driving or walking around
  • Lauren is an expert at getting lost. She was once responsible for driving several Brothers to retreat. It took her car 8 hours to drive what should have taken an hour and a half...