Marie Hayden

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Marie Burgess
Marie and danny.jpg
Marie and husband Danny
Name Marie Burgess
Chapter Gamma Pi
Towson University
Date Inducted Spring 2005
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Capital
Honorary Member
Major Psychology and Sociology, Minor in Spanish
Birthdate April 1, 1985
Spouse Daniel Burgess
Nicknames Pepper
Awards Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship

Marie Burgess, formally Marie Hayden, (born 4/1/1985) is an Alumni Member of Gamma Pi Chapter (Chapter roll # ??) at Towson University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Marie joined the Fraternity in the Spring of 2005 when she began looking for something to fill a "gap" that she had in her life. As a Resident Assistant at Towson, Marie was always busy working with students and doing programming, but felt she needed to do something other than "RAing." Marie did not, however, want to spend her time doing just anything and began searching for something that fit her character, values and needs. Phi Sigma Pi was a perfect fit for Marie's interest in balancing academic success, leadership and fun times with friends.

Collegiate Years at Gamma Pi Chapter

Marie was an Initiate that you knew would have their book and pin at all times. Once becoming a Brother, Marie started her PSP career off strong as Co-Fundraising Chair (Fall 05) raising a few hundred dollars for the Chapter. From Spring 2006 until Spring 2007, Marie was voted in as the Treasurer and completely recreated the system--or lack there of--to meet the needs of the Brotherhood. In her time as Treasurer, Marie was able to help the Chapter save thousands of dollars while helping implement long term strategies, techniques and forms to maintain the Chapters funds. From Fall 2006 to Spring 2007, Marie was the Vice President and planned two amazing retreats: weekend camping trip and a one-day ropes course challenge! As VP, Marie also helped to create forms and binders to assist future VPs.

Alumni Years to Present

Marie became a member of the National Alumni Association as soon as she graduated in Spring 2007 and attended her first ever National Convention in Summer 2007. The event was held in New Orleans and was an experience to remember! While at convention Marie met a wonderful array of Brothers from around that Nation, even some that attended her future graduate school, The George Washington University.

Since leaving the Towson area, Marie lived in DC for her first year of graduate school at GW where she is getting her Masters in School Counseling. While in DC, Marie became a member of the Capital Alumni Chapter where she connected with old and new Alumni of the area. Meeting this group helped Marie to feel comfortable living in the city because she had a group of friends that had similar ideals, set goals and where overall good people. Many members of the Alumni Chapter were planning on attending the Alumni Convention in Las Vegas and as a result Marie recruited four Alumni members of Gamma Pi and they all attended the event--which was a blast! While in Vegas Marie accepted the Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship and gave a speech.

In 2009, Marie graduated from The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development as a School Counselor. In 2010, Marie was hired as a High School Counselor for Charles County Public Schools.

Currently, Marie resides in Princes Georges County in the town of Bowie with her husband Daniel and new son Harvey.

National Involvement

Family & Traditions

Marie is a member of The Stanley Hanley Family, which got it's name from...

Stanley Hanley Traditions include the Family Letters (tied dyed PSP on cream background with navy shirt), Personalized letters made from a fabric specially chosen for each new member, a Pillow made from the same fabric and a patch created from the same fabric.

The Stanley Hanley Family Quilt was first created by Grace Schofield (family creator) in (year??). In 2006 the Family Quilt was passed down to Marie, who vowed to remake the quilt at some point. In summer 2008, Marie began redesigning the quilt, salvaging all the old patches, and creating a new, easy-to-add-onto design. Marie will finish the quilt by the end of 2008 to pass it down to her second little, Allie Burns.

Bigs and Littles

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Marie met her best friend, and Maid of Honor, in Phi Sigma Pi-- Erica Harvey! Kristi Sims was also in Maries' weddings and is a fellow Brother of Gamma Pi. In the near future, both Erica and Marie will be participating in Kristi's wedding.