Name Changes project

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  • This project is intended to create redirect pages for various name changes for member biographical pages.


Please feel free to add projects as you see fit and join in tackling some of the projects as a participant. As projects are completed and reviewed please remove them from the Open Tasks section below.

Open tasks

National Figures

Founders (Alpha)

  • E. L. Hendricks (Alpha) - Eldo Lewis Hendricks
  • C. A. Phillips (Alpha) - Claude Anderson Phillips
  • C. H. McClure (Alpha, Beta) - Clarence Henry McClure

Founder (Gamma)

  • J. H. Hanna (Alpha, Gamma) - Joseph Vorhees Hanna

National Officers

  • L. N. Pease (Alpha, Zeta) - Lawrence Nathaniel Pease
  • C. O. Williams (Alpha) - Clarence Oscar Williams
  • J. M. McCallister (Alpha) - James Maurice McCallister
  • R. C. Bedell (Alpha) - Ralph Clairon Bedell
  • E. K. Frye (Gamma) - Ellis Kingsley Frye
  • J. K. Stoner (Eta) - James Kermit Stoner
  • E. A. Reams (Iota) - Edward Arnold Reams
  • C. B. Wilson (Kappa) - Clair Byers Wilson
  • S. S. Shearer (Omicron) - Simon Shank Shearer

Regional Directors

  • S. E. Davis (Alpha) - Sheldon Emmor Davis
  • W. H. Bristow (Alpha) - William Harvey Bristow
  • R. G. Bigelow (Alpha) - Roy Gilbert Bigelow
  • W. W. Parker (Alpha, Xi) - Walter W. Parker
  • J. E. Windrow (Epsilon) - John Edwin Windrow
  • E. C. Higbie (Zeta) - Edgar Creighton Higbie
  • H. C. Graham (Nu) - Hoyt Conlin Graham

Maiden Names

We need to set up redirect pages from members maiden names to their current namespace.

  • Hope Harrell


We need to set up redirect pages for members listed with middle initials, notably on the Council member pages.

Name variations

We need to set up redirect pages for members with name variations (Josh, Joshua) or nicknames to pages with their full name.


  • for redirects use #REDIRECT [[name]]