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Article Summary: Article VIII of the National Constitution sets out the duties of the National Officers.


Section 1: National President

The National President shall:The National President shall:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Grand Chapter and the National Council;
  2. Serve as the chairperson and administrator of the National Development Committee:
  3. Appoint all Committee Members;
  4. Sign warrants drawn upon the Treasury, contracts entered into by Phi Sigma Pi, all Charters, and all Membership Certificates;
  5. Promote the general interests of Phi Sigma Pi;
  6. Ensure that all policies are carried out;
  7. Call for and receive reports desired from the National Officers, National Committees or Chapters;
  8. Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to the office.

Section 2: Senior Vice President

The Senior Vice President shall:

  1. Temporarily serve in the absence or inability of the President;
  2. Serve as the chairperson of the Committee on Constitution & Chapter Standards (ARTICLE XIII, Section 5);
  3. Advise on risk-management;
  4. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Senior Vice President.

Section 3: National Secretary

The National Secretary shall:

  1. Ensure the preservation of the National Constitution, Charters, Ritual Ceremonies, and all documents, records, and supplies of Phi Sigma Pi;
  2. Issue and sign all Charters and Membership Certificates;
  3. Ensure that accurate records of all proceedings of the Grand Chapter and National Council are maintained;
  4. Ensure that minutes of the Grand Chapter and National Council are made available to all Collegiate Members and Alumni Members within seven (7) days of their approval;
  5. Serve as the chairperson of the Awards, Scholarship, & Emblem Committee (ARTICLE XIII, Section 3);
  6. Serve as the National leader for communication and technology development.

Section 4: Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance shall:

  1. Sign warrants on the Treasury and contracts entered into by Phi Sigma Pi;
  2. Pay authorized warrants of the Grand Chapter when properly signed by the duly empowered National Council Members or designated representatives;
  3. Ensure appropriate fiduciary and bookkeeping control procedures, such that a complete and accurate record of receipts and expenditures shall be maintained;
  4. Prepare Phi Sigma Pi's budget in conjunction with the Executive Director;
  5. Serve on the Personnel Committee, and make reports at the regular meetings of the Grand Chapter and special reports when called upon by the National President (ARTICLE XIII, Section 4);
  6. Serve as the National leader for the fund development;
  7. Serve as a liaison between National Council and the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board of Directors.

Section 5: Vice President of Membership Development

The Vice President of Membership Development shall:

  1. Instruct Collegiate Chapters how to make efficient and effective use of Ritual Ceremonies;
  2. Propose changes to the National Guidelines on Initiation;
  3. Ensure that Collegiate Chapter Initiation Programs are designed to produce committed, responsible, and active Members;
  4. Ensure that all Collegiate Chapters understand and support the National Guidelines on Initiation and Phi Sigma Pi policies;
  5. Be charged with the responsibility of seeing that Initiation Programs instill the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi and develop pride and commitment through learning, participation, and responsibility;
  6. Ensure that the history of Phi Sigma Pi is taught to Members.
  7. Serve as the National leader of membership development.

Section 6: Vice President of Chapter Development

The Vice President of Chapter Development shall:

  1. Ensure organization and installation of new Collegiate Chapters;
  2. Promote a professional Fraternity image through reviewing National public relations efforts and standards;
  3. Ensure all information pertaining to the growth and expansion of Phi Sigma Pi, is properly interpreted and disseminated;
  4. Promote the continual education of Collegiate Chapter Officers and aid in the development of Collegiate Chapters;
  5. Promote communication and National unity among Regions and Chapters.
  6. Serve as the National leader of Chapter development.

Section 7: Vice President of Alumni Development

The Vice President of Alumni Development shall:

  1. Serve as the coordinating official for Alumni communications and activities;
  2. Advise all Chapters on current Alumni events and encourage Alumni attendance at National Conventions and all Phi Sigma Pi functions;
  3. Encourage positive and consistent communication among the Collegiate Chapters and the Collegiate Chapter's respective Alumni;
  4. Serve as the Grand Chapter's official liaison with Alumni and Alumni Chapters;
  5. Serve as the National leader of Alumni development.

Section 8: Vice President of Philanthropy Development

The Vice President of Philanthropy Development shall:

  1. Ensure all information pertaining to initiatives related to the National Philanthropy are disseminated to Collegiate and Alumni Chapters.
  2. Assist Chapters in the area of philanthropy development
  3. Develop and evaluate National Philanthropy related initiatives
  4. Serve as the official liaison between the National Council and the National Philanthropy
  5. Develop projects to educate Members and Chapters about the National Philanthropy
  6. Encourage participation of Collegiate and Alumni Chapters within the National Philanthropy
  7. Serve as the National leader on philanthropy development.

Note: The National Constitution provided on the Phi Sigma Pi wiki is for informational purposes only, and may not accurately represent the current National Constitution in effect when this page is viewed. The official version of the National Constitution is maintained by Phi Sigma Pi on the National Website.
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