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The Outburst Family is part of the Epsilon Delta Chapter at the University of South Florida.

Number: 10
Animal: Panda

Family Tree

The Outburst family tree can be found here!

Current Brothers

The Outburst Family is the largest, over triple the size of any other family.


One of the Charter members of our chapter, Ashley Nichols, established the Outburst family. The Outburst family has continued to grow over the past few years and today is one of the largest families. The Outbursts are known for their leadership in the fraternity. Almost every executive board position has been held by an Outburst.

The Outburst Family got their name in Spring of 2004 when Ashley Nichols took Amy Wehle as a little. The two discussed the name for several weeks and one evening on the phone, both Ashley and Amy said outburst at the same time. The thought was derived from Ashley and Amy's habit of bursting out in song for little apparent reason at any random place or time. The family number comes from Ashley's Lucky Number 10, and the panda, the family animal, is a secret that only Ashley knows.

It was the tradition when the family was founded that the Jersey's for the guys and girls be distinctive. The girls had white Jerseys with purple, while the guys had the black jerseys. Today, the girls added purple as an alternative to white.

Every Big Brother passes down their membership pin to their Little Brother at the Induction Ceremony. Ashley Nichols had the original pin of the Outburst family. She passed it down to her first Little, Amy Wehle. Amy had twins, so she took the family pin and another one and randomly gave them to Marissa Zwald and Ryan Goldstein. The family pin has continued to be passed down through the family. Today, either Tara Hodgman or Kim Pham have the original Outburst family pin.

Another passing ritual has been the first Panda mascot animal. Ashley Nicholas first bought the beanie baby Panda and gave it to one of her Littles, Deanna Morris. Deanna passed it to one of her Littles, Christine Vazquez. Christine passed it to one her Littles, Jessica Burgess. Jessica passed it to her Little Stephanie Leobruno. Stephanie Leobruno passed it to her Little Jasmine Siddiqi, who holds it today.

Lunches/ Dinners

It has long been a tradition for the Outbursts to get together for dinner before chapter meetings. They meet at 7:30 at a restaurant near campus. Some of their favorites include Panera Bread and Tijuana Flats.

The family also decided to enter the Tijuana Flats Tile Decorating Contest. Family members Danielle Goldsby, Brandis Waiz, and Shelby Hagemann, with the help of Dysfunkshunal family member Kathleen Carter, and a friend, worked and finished the tile, and won the Tijuana Flats Tile Contest on May 5, 2009.

Outburst Family, Fall 2012