Purple and Gold Awards

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The following Purple and Gold Awards are given out annually at the awards banquet during National Convention in addition to the National Awards. The majority of these awards have historically been given to collegiate chapters though most, unless specified, are not restricted to just Collegiate Chapters. These were previously named Minor Awards.

Chapter Most Able to Overcome Adversity Award

The Chapter Most Able to Overcome Adversity Award goes to the chapter that has overcome adverse situations and has shown tremendous leadership in how they react in their response.

Brother John Finnegan Award for Most Conventions Attended

The Brother John Finnegan Award for Most Conventions Attended is given to the Brother at Convention who has attended the most National Conventions.

Most Spirited Chapter Award

The Most Spirited Chapter Award goes to the chapter with the most energy and spirit express throughout the year.

Most Traveled Chapter Award

The Most Traveled Chapter Award recognizes the chapter that travels a combination of the furthest distance as well as to the most inter-chapter events during the year.

Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

The Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award recognizes the best nominated Chapter Advisor. To date this award has recognized Chapter Faculty Advisors.

Outstanding Fundraiser Award

The Outstanding Fundraiser Award recognizes the top cumulative fund raising efforts.

Outstanding Initiate Program Award

The Outstanding Initiate Program Award recognizes the chapter with the strongest Initiate Program.

Outstanding PR and Community Relations Award

The Outstanding PR and Community Relations Award recognizes the best public relations efforts.

Outstanding Regional Conference Award

The Outstanding Regional Conference Award is given out to recognize the top regional conference. The award is typically accepted by the host chapter of the conference. This award was renamed from the former Outstanding Regional Event Award in 2011.

Outstanding Risk Management Award

The Outstanding Risk Management Award recognized the best implementation of risk management across all chapter activities and not just a single strength.

Outstanding Website Award

The Outstanding Website Award recognizes fraternity sites that offer the best online presence and tools. This award is not necessarily restricted to collegiate chapter websites.

Retired Awards

Outstanding Service Project Award

The Outstanding Service Project Award was changed to recognize service projects dedicated to Teach For America in 2007. In 2009 it was retired when the McClure Single Service Award was revised to recognize a service event dedicated to Teach For America.

Highest Chapter GPA Award

The Highest Chapter GPA Award was retired in part due to some chapter's having a higher GPA requirement for membership than the Constitutionally required 3.0 to be inducted.

Furthest Traveled Chapter Award

The Furthest Traveled Chapter Award was in part retired due to the addition of the Delta Nu chapter at the University of Hawaii. The lack of competition lead to the decision to discontinue the distribution.

Outstanding Newsletter Award

The Outstanding Newsletter Award was awarded to the chapter that produced the best newsletter. It is unknown why the award was retired.

Outstanding Chapter for Challenging Tradition Award

The Outstanding Chapter for Challenging Tradition Award was awarded as the name implies for Chapters that challenged traditional expectations in a positive manner. It is unknown why the award was retied.

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