Tony Newton

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Tony Newton
Tony Zeta Iota.JPG
Posing with Gary the Gavel
Name Tony Newton
Chapter Zeta Iota
Saint Joseph's University
Date Inducted October 17, 2012
Roll Number 78
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Risk Management
Birthdate August 24, 1993
Spouse "Jony"
Nicknames Tone

Tony Newton (born 24 Aug 1993) is a Collegiate Member of Zeta Iota Chapter (ZI 78, Γ 9) at Saint Joseph's University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Tony decided to attend Saint Joseph's University because of the Jesuit education he received at Saint Joseph's Prep. In his fall semester of the his sophomore year he was encouraged by many existing Brothers to rush. Tony has won several superlatives through his years in the Chapter including: Gamma Superstar, Most Likely to Win the Hunger Games, Best Overall Brother, and Mr. PSP.

Collegiate Years at Zeta Iota Chapter

As an initiate of the Gamma Class, today served as the Initiate Social Chair, planning a Taboo Game Night. In his first two semesters as an action Brother, Tony served as Social Chair for the Fraternity. Currently Tony is serving as Vice President of the Chapter. In his first semester he briefly served as Acting President in the absence of hospitalized President Caroline Meñendez. He was nominated as alternate National Delegate of the 2014 National Convention. He and Caroline Meñendez are the first President/Vice President pair to start and finish the term together since the very first pair. In the Fall of 2014, He was also appointed to the position of Inter-Chapter Relations Chair for the Spring 2015 Term. He briefly worked in this role before resigning the role in the beginning of Spring 2015

Alumni Years to Present

Tony will graduate in 2015.

National Involvement

Tony went to the 2014 Philadelphia Metropolitan Regional Conference that was held at Saint Joseph's University. He has participated in many ICR events including: Hunger Games at Epsilon Tau, Philly Cup at Gamma Xi and Alpha Lambda and Volleyball at Alpha Beta. He has gone to Chapter meetings at both Epsilon Tau and Alpha Eta.

Bigs and Littles

Tony is member of the Tau Nu Lambda Family. His big is the founder of the family,Dan Walsh. His first little is Brandon Ossont, who is a member of the Zeta Class. His second little is Jackie Boran, who is a member of the Theta Class

Other Interesting Facts

Tony love bacon.