Years project

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The Years project creates and updates a timeline of important Phi Sigma Pi events for each year. This is part of the wiki Projects list.


Years pages can be found by searching for any year or starting with one, ie 2011 and using the years template box on the bottom of the page to navigate. As projects are completed and reviewed please move them from the Open Projects section to the Completed Projects section below. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help. If you have questions click the discussion tab and leave a note so that we can help you.

Open Projects

On Going Projects

  • Major announcements, projects, events
  • Add newly chartered Chapters dates
  • Create a new year page each year before January 1

Completed Projects

  • Created all years pages
  • Added Torchia winners to all years pages in year in review box.
  • Added all Presidents to year pages in year in review box.
  • Chapter closing dates