Andrew Berman

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Andrew Berman
Name Andrew Berman
Chapter Beta Epsilon
Syracuse University
Date Inducted November 1999
Roll Number BE 304
Alumni Chapter/Assoc NYMAAC
Honorary Member
Major Music Composition
Birthdate June 15, 1980
Awards Chapter Service Key (BE 2002, NYMAAC 2013), Lightsaber Award (2001), Best Driver Award (always)

Andrew Berman (born 15 June 1980) is an Alumnus of Beta Epsilon Chapter at Syracuse University. He is a member of NYMAAC, and he formerly served on the National Staff as Director of Publications and Alumni Relations.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Andrew joined the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi in November of 1999 as part of the Nu Class. After five semesters of Active Membership, Andrew graduated in May 2002 and moved to New York. Since graduation, Andrew has attended national events and other smaller interchapter functions, frequently visited Beta Epsilon and served as their Alumni Advisor, participated on the National Membership Development Committee and National Development Committee, joined NYMAAC, and served on the National Staff.

Collegiate Years at Beta Epsilon

At Beta Epsilon, Andrew served on the Service, Historical, Initiation, and Interchapter Committees, holding chair positions on the latter two. Andrew also organized the chapter's ninth Founders Weekend in 2002. Andrew was honored with the Lightsaber Award (a BE thing) in 2001 and the Chapter Service Key in 2002.

Alumni Years and National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Andrew's Big Brother is Shaila Quazi.

Andrew has 3 Little Brothers:

  • Dan Bennett, Xi class (spring 2000), graduated May 2002 and currently lives in Connecticut with his wife and fellow brother Sara Bennett (née Rosehill) and their adorable daughter. Dan holds a PhD in genetics from Yale University. Dan is also Lindsay Becker's big.
  • Holly Montalbano, Pi class (spring 2001), graduated May 2004 and currently lives in New Jersey. Holly is a graphic designer, occasional potter, and taiko drummer.
  • Annabel Lee, Sigma class (spring 2002), graduated May 2005 and currently lives in NYC. Annabel is a pastry chef and has been active in her church, taking trips to the Dominican Republic to participate in relief efforts there.

Andrew is a member of the Bender Family at Beta Epsilon, which has now grown to encompass nearly the entire chapter (he hears). Andrew's descendants at Beta Epsilon refer to themselves as the Things Family. The Things Family contains a "Holly Branch", and sprouting from the Holly Branch is a "Grab-Ass Twig".

Outside the Fraternity

Andrew is originally from Commack, NY (on Long Island) and frequently returns there to visit family. In 2005, he moved to Long Island City (in Queens) where he lived for eight years and where he shared apartments with Brothers Kimberly Smith (née Van Dyke), Lindsay Becker (née Famula), and Kate McConnell. Andrew moved to Brooklyn in 2013.

After graduation, Andrew worked at the now defunct Borders bookstore chain, first in Commack and then in Manhattan (but he did not defunc it). He then spent four years (2006-2009) at a digital marketing agency (Acxiom Digital) before taking a job with the National Staff of Phi Sigma Pi for two years. From 2012 to 2016 he worked in the institutional advancement office at Yeshiva University, and now he is an editorial manager at FCB Health. From 2013-2019, Andrew was a staff writer for Teaching Music, the magazine of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

Andrew joined the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Band in 2005, serving as its Board Secretary for four years. In 2009, Andrew helped found the Queer Urban Orchestra, serving as its President for five years. Andrew attends Lesbian and Gay Band Association conferences regularly, and it is through this organization that he marched in two inaugural parades for President Barack Obama, which made history as the first LGBT organization to march in a presidential inaugural parade. Andrew also joined LGBA in breaking records when they marched roughly 200 strong in the 2008 Greenwich Village Halloween parade in NYC, the largest contingent ever to march in that parade and the largest LGBT band in New York City history.

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