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This page lists great examples of Campus and Community PR events held by Chapters around the nation.

Career Oriented Events


Delta Omega - Career Panels

Event Type: Career Panels

Contributors: Delta Omega Chapter (Form 110)

Planning required: Collaborative effort among Phi Sigma Pi and organizations on campus.

Event Summary: In Fall 2006, we organized a workshop for prospective business majors on the application process to enter into UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. With the Regent’s and Chancellor’s Scholars Association, we invited any interested freshman to our event to listen to our panel of brothers who were currently enrolled at Haas. In Spring 2007, Delta Omega hosted a "Careers after Cal" event with the National Asian American Society of Accountants (NAASA), in which we invited students of all majors to listen to a panel of professionals, consisting of their alumni and ours, talk about their experiences both at Cal and careers afterwards.

Delta Omega was recognized for these events as the 2007 Outstanding PR and Community Relations award winner.

Alpha Zeta - Post Collegiate Planning

Event Type: Post Collegiate Planning Sessions

Contributors: Alpha Zeta Chapter (Form 110)

Resources required: room reservation, supplies, advertising, volunteers

Event Summary: Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Zeta Chapter co-sponsored the Success After College Week with York College’s Career Services Department. This was an open event to the public but highly publicized to the York College juniors and seniors. At Success After College, students listened to a one and a half hour panel answer questions about what life was like after college. This was to benefit students who are about to graduate. Phi Sigma Pi co-sponsored four specific forums. Alpha Zeta was in charge of providing moderators and greeters for the following sessions: job interview etiquette, grad school, 401K discussion and how to get ahead without stepping on toes. Each session needed at least 3 Brothers. Two brothers were needed to greet guests as they came into the discussion and one Brothers was there to moderate the session and encourage panelists to speak on specific issues by prompting the panelists with specific questions.

Campus Organization Events

2009 award winner.jpg

Tau - Service PR

Event Type: Service Event PR

Contributors: Tau Chapter

Event Summary: Tau Chapter hosted their First Annual Greenville Krispy Kreme Challenge for Juvenile Diabetes. The event was co-sponsored by Ben’s Buddies— a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation family team. A Facebook event was created and Brothers sent out invitations to everyone they knew to spread word about the event in a “guerilla” manner. A flyer was created and Brothers posted them in their classrooms, all over the East Carolina campus, at apartment complexes, and all over the community. A bed sheet was also decorated an hung on a tree in the center of campus for all students to see as they walked to class. We got in contact with the school newspaper, The East Carolinian, and an article was featured highlighting our event a week before it: “This year, Phi Sigma Phi National Honor Fraternity teamed up with Ben's Buddies, the JDRF family team of Annette Peery whose son Ben has Type 1 diabetes.” The article talked about what our event was and the details about it—including date, time, cost, and how to register. Brothers sat at a table in Wright Plaza, the main area of campus, and registered anyone who was interested and passed out information. The week of the race a Brother and a representative from Ben’s Buddies were interviewed on a local radio station- PirateRadio 1250 to talk about the event and promote it. The week of the race a Brother and Ben’s Buddies representative were also featured on a local TV station’s morning show called “Talk of the Town.” Publicizing the event not only got the word out about an amazing event for a really great cause but it also helped to put Tau Chapter’s name out as well. Brothers got an overwhelming response from the diabetic community when publicizing this event as well, who were very supportive and enthusiastic about Tau Chapter’s efforts. The promotional abilities of the chapter helped raise $2,000 for the charity.

Tau was recognized for these events as the 2009 Outstanding PR and Community Relations Award winner.

Beta Mu - Alternative Greek Week

Event Type: Alternative Greek Week

Contributors: Beta Mu Chapter

Location: George Washington University

Planning required: Resources required: room reservation, supplies

Event Summary: Alternative Greek Week was organized by the Beta Mu Chapter on their campus to promote non-social greek organizations. The week consisted of daily competitions between the organizations. Events included a jeopardy event, iron chef cooking event, night club outing, video game (Rock Band) competition. Through the week long event the organizations were also raising money for a charity of their choice through various fund raising efforts including a penny wars. The winning organization, Beta Mu, received approximately $1,100 for Teach For America.

Alpha Kappa - Service PR

Event Type: Campus Events

Contributors: Alpha Kappa Chapter (Form 110)

Planning required: Resources required: supplies, volunteers

Event Summary: Alpha Kappa was approached by a student organization on campus to donate food for a campus awareness event focusing on issues in Darfur, Sudan. The chapter contributed food, utensils, plates and cups in addition to providing volunteers to help set up and serve food during the event. By volunteering in such a way, Phi Sigma Pi was able to establish positive relations with this large campus organization, raise campus awareness of our Chapter, and contribute positively to the fundraising goals of the event. Over 400 people attended the dinner, which was held in UNC’s “Pit” or central gathering area on campus.

Beta Eta

Event Type: Campus Events

Contributors: Beta Eta Chapter (Form 110)

Planning required: A location, shirts if wanted, and major PR

Resources required: Wrestling jell-o, a baby pool, and a bucket of water to wash off feet

Event Summary: Beta Eta held a free jell-o wrestling event in the middle of campus. It was a free event and open to the entire campus. We all had on jell-o wrestling shirts and wore them a couple of days before the actual event. It was great publicity for our fraternity. We held it in the middle of the day. It was also a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for the Brothers.

Freshman Outreach

Alpha Kappa

Event Type: Campus Events

Contributors: Alpha Kappa Chapter (Form 110)

Planning required: Resources required: room reservation, supplies, advertising, volunteers

Materials required: t-shirts

Event Summary: Alpha Kappa organized a campus-wide Casino Night to welcome freshman and transfer students to UNC. The chapter served as blackjack dealers allowing them to wear fraternity clothing and interact with the students and discuss Phi Sigma Pi.

Delta Alpha - Freshman Move-In

Event Type: Campus Events

Contributors: Delta Alpha

Planning required: Resources required: moving supplies, volunteers, food/water

Materials required: Phi Sigma Pi t-shirts/letters

Event Summary: After Delta Alpha's first year on campus they wanted to raise their name recognition with incoming Freshman so they would know about the fraternity for spring rush. The chapter worked with campus orientation groups and volunteered to help move in incoming freshmen. This allowed the chapter the opportunity to talk with future prospective members as well as family members. This provided an opportunity to display their commitment to community service activities and differences between them and other social greek organizations.

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