Gamma Pi Chapter Stanley Hanley Family

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The Stanley Hanley Family, is a segment of the Gamma Pi Chapter who have descended from ?.

Family History

The Stanley Hanley Family was one the first (if not the first) families in Gamma Pi to be formally named. The name comes from Shawn Hanley's father, Stanley Hanley. Marc Burkom, Shawn's little, would refer to Shawn as "the Son of Stanley Hanley," and eventually it stuck as the family name. The family was moderately sized until the Spring '02 semester. Rachel Hubbard took a little and Grace Scholfield took triplets, and it instantly became one of the largest families.

Family Insignia

Family Letters: Blue t-shirt, tye-dyed primary letters on white background letters.

Originally the family letters was a white t-shirt with green and white plaid primary letters on gold background letters. They were changed in the ? semester to their current style.

Family Quilt & Pillows

At the end of the Spring 2004 semester Grace Schofield unveiled the Stanley Hanley Family quilt. It contained a square for each family member up to that point with plenty of room for future generations to be added. In addition, each current member of the family was given a pillow with their name on it and was charged with giving their littles similar pillows. The quilt was then given to the soon to be matriarch who was to add the names of the new family members and pass the quilt down upon becoming an alumni. Marie Hayden still holds the original quilt, so Rebekah Alford and a few other current (Spring 2010) Stanley Hanleys have begun a new quilt to be passed on in the future.

Family Tree

Family Awards

Best Family: Spring ’03, Fall ’03