Kathryn Chatman

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Kathryn Chatman
Name Kathryn Chatman
Chapter Tau
East Carolina University
Date Inducted November 17, 2012
Roll Number T 1801
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Accounting
Birthdate February 3, 1993
Nicknames Katie
Awards Todd Leadership Scholarship

Kathryn (Katie) Chatman (born 02/03/1993) is a Collegiate Member of Tau Chapter (T 1801) at East Carolina University. Kathryn was inducted as part of the Gamma Epsilon Initiate Class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Kathryn originally decided to attend ECU in order to study Exercise Physiology in order to get her degree for Physical Therapy. After being in Exercise Physiology for a semester, she decided to switch majors because it was not meant for her. She changed her major to Business with a focus in Accounting in order to become a CPA.

Why Phi Sigma Pi?

Katie wanted to rush PSP in order to get to know more people and do more work for the community. PSP was a way to help her get out of her shell, which she has done, but is still working on completely getting out of her shell. She hopes that her future in PSP will completely get her out of her shell.

East Carolina Involvement

Outside of Phi Sigma Pi, Katie was also member of ECU’s Pirate Tutoring Center. She tutored Math 1066 for business majors. She also spent her last year volunteering at the PTC as a member of the front desk staff during the evening tutoring hours. As of Spring 2013, she is a certified level 1 tutor. Katie is also a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success at East Carolina University, Sigma Alpha Phi. She has also been formally inducted as a member of the East Carolina University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa.

Collegiate Years at Tau Chapter

Exec Position Held:

Treasurer 2013-2014

Chair Positions Held:

Rush/PR Chair Fall 2014

Fundraising Co Chair Spring 2014

Fundraising Chair Fall 2013

Fundraising Co Chair Fall 2013

Alumni Years to Present

Katie is currently attending East Carolina University as a Masters student getting her degree in Masters of Accounting and will be taking the CPA exam in the fall 2016. She is currently trying to be as active as she can be with the Chapter in the role as an Alumni.

National Involvement


Bigs and Littles

The Fam: Littles (left to right) Lindsey Smith, Taylor Johnston, Kristen Martin, Danielle Mehling, and Quinn Hlatky along with my Grand Littles (left to right) Mikhayla Dunn and Blaire Langdon at Family Dinner Fall 2014

Immediate Family

Other Family Members

S. Johnson Family Line

see: S. Johnson Family Line

Further Resources

Social Media

Other Interesting Facts

  • Katie was a competitive dancer for 14 years
  • Katie graduated Panther Creek High School in 2011.
  • Katie has also been a deer hunter since 2006.
  • Katie is very much into shooting guns and loves shooting handguns with her family whenever she is home.