List of Alpha Rho Chapter Retired Events

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The following is a list of Alpha Rho Chapter retired events:

Emily C. Specchio Dance-A-Thon

Emily C. Specchio Dance-A-Thon logo

Alpha Rho held the Emily C. Specchio Dance-A-Thon on March 31, 2007. The event was named for Alpha Rho Alumna Emily Specchio who tragically died as the result of a brain aneurysm on May 15, 2006. The event raised $2,358 which the chapter donated to Teach For America in Emily's name.

Leadership Connection

Alpha Rho held this event in Fall 2005 and 2006. Leadership Connection was a leadership conference sponsored by the Chapter for student organizations at Virginia Tech. The conference featured a keynote speaker and breakout discussion groups focused on topics that commonly challenge organizations such as fundraising, diversity, philanthropy and risk management. The conference was provided at no cost to participants through funding by the Virginia Tech Student Government Association, sponsorships by local businesses, and donations by Alpha Rho Alumni. The conference was discontinued for a variety of reasons including a desire to focus on the 5K event and difficulty in getting participation from other organizations.

Got Bod

God Bod was a fitness competition held by Alpha Rho in the early 2000s. Contestants modeled in swimsuits and were judged by a panel of guest judges including varsity Virginia Tech athletes and other notable campus leaders. Contest entry fees and door charges were used to fund scholarships the Chapter awarded to freshman Virginia Tech students. The event was held twice with a third spinoff event named Got Bod Got Creative where contestants wore creative outifts they created themselves. Two of the three events were won by Alpha Rho Brothers Kym Grove and Emily Specchio. God Bod was discontinued when the Chapter decided to pursue new fundraising events.

Fashion Show

Alpha Rho held this event several times, with the final show coming in Spring 2001. The Fashion Show featured merchandise from local clothing stores modeled by volunteer Virginia Tech students in a show completely choreographed and produced by Alpha Rho Brothers. The event raised money for scholarships the Chapter awarded to freshman Virginia Tech students. It was discontinued due to the amount of man hours required to organize the event in relation to the proceeds it raised.

VT The Price is Right

Alpha Rho held the VT The Price is Right event annually spring from 2006 through 2010. This event mirrored the format of the popular longstanding TV show of the same name. Prizes are donated by local businesses and over the years included such awards as a couch, a Nintendo Wii, and $200 cash. Proceeds from the event were donated to Teach For America. After five years of trying to grow the event, the event was not as profitable as desired compared to the time required to organize the event, thus it was discontinued in order to pursue a different event.