Meghan Mangrum

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Meghan Mangrum
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Name Meghan Mangrum
Chapter Epsilon Delta
University of South Florida
Date Inducted Fall 2010
Roll Number ΕΔ 277
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Mass Communications - Magazine Journalism
Birthdate April 12, 1991
Nicknames Absolut-ly Cozy
Awards Most Dedicated Brother (Spring 2011)

Meghan Mangrum (April 12) is an Alumna of Epsilon Delta Chapter (ΕΔ 277) at University of South Florida. She is part of the Outburst Family and was inducted in Fall 2010. Meghan graduated from USF in May 2013.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Raised in Orlando right next door to UCF, Meghan decided to attend the University of South Florida after falling in love with it her junior year of high school. During her first year at USF, Meghan was a member of Poplar Hall Council and the Residence Hall Association but she decided she wanted to get more involved and get more out of her college experience.

During the first semester of her sophomore year, Meghan attended an information session at the urging of Suzannah Turnage and her roommate, Melanie Martuch. She fell in love with the Brothers and decided without a doubt to rush! Meghan served as Historian for her initiate class and was inducted with the rest of the "Omie-Homies" in November 2010.

Collegiate Years in Epsilon Delta Chapter

  • Fall 2010: Historian of Omicron Class
  • Spring 2011: Active Member, Member of Social Committee, Voted Most Dedicated Brother
  • Fall 2011 - Spring 2012: Vice President
  • May 2012: Meghan served as a corps member of the 2012 Alternative Break Project in Houston, TX.
  • August 2012: Meghan attended her first National Convention in Orlando, FL.
  • Fall 2012 - Spring 2013: Alumni Committee Chair
  • May 2013: Meghan will serve for the second time as a corps member of the 2013 Alternative Break Project in Indianapolis, IN.


Meghan belongs to Epsilon Delta Chapter's largest family, the Outburst Family. Her Big is Shelby Hagemann and she has one Little, Emilia Gyoerk, who was inducted with Rho Class in Fall 2011, one Grandlittle, Chris Andrews (aka Peter), who was inducted with Sigma Class in Spring 2012 and two GreatGrandlittles, Patrick Bagge and Micah Barker, who were inducted with Upsilon Class in Spring 2013.

Interesting Facts

  • Meghan and Andy Fossum share the same birthday!
  • Being cozy is of utmost importance to Meghan.
  • Meghan was voted 'Most Outspoken' in the Spring of 2012.
  • Meghan Mangrum and Katie Fleck run a well-known private investigation firm out of the USF Housing and Residential Education office.