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Elizabeth Walsh
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Spring 2008
Name Elizabeth Walsh
Chapter Alpha Theta
Rutgers University/Mason Gross School of the Arts 2009
Date Inducted Spring 2008
Roll Number ΑΘ 313
Alumni Chapter/Assoc DVAC
Honorary Member
Major Stage Management
Birthdate December 16, 1987
Spouse Chris Costantino
Nicknames Beth, Kurt Cobain
Awards Most Dedicated Brother

Elizabeth Walsh (born 16 December 1987) is an Active Alumni Member of Alpha Theta Chapter (ΑΘ 313) at Rutgers University. She previously worked as a Region & Chapter for Phi Sigma Pi's National Staff, and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of the 54th Empowered Council.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Beth enrolled at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in Fall 2005. This was a huge change from her life growing up in Hudson, NH and attending Alvirne High School. While a student at MGSA, Beth lived on the Cook College Campus and became involved in several organizations on the campus, including Cook Campus Leadership and the Cook College Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club.

In Spring 2007, Beth received notification of an organization on campus known as Phi Sigma Pi. While Phi Sigma Pi sounded great, Beth had missed the recruitment period for the semester. However, as a student never interested in Greek life, this one in particular piqued her interest. By Fall 2007, Beth had joined Delta Epsilon Iota, the Academic Honor Society. DEI required far less time commitment, which was ideal given the time constraints of attending a theatrical conservatory. However, by Spring 2008, Beth found her schedule to be ideal to actually attend recruitment events at Alpha Theta Chapter at Rutgers University.

Beth was a latecomer to Phi Sigma Pi, crossing in Spring 2008. Expecting to graduate in Spring 2009, this was the last semester Beth was eligible to join Phi Sigma Pi. Luckily, she found Phi Sigma Pi when she did, as it provided her with the organization she had been looking for since beginning college three years earlier.

The class of Spring 2008 was the Chi Class at the Alpha Theta chapter, with three initiates crossing that semester. In contrast, the Phi Class of Fall 2008 had 6 members, and the Omega Class of Fall 2009 had 22 members.

Joining Phi Sigma Pi also opened the opportunity for Beth to connect with Gamma Sigma Alpha, the National Academic Greek Honor Society, in Spring 2009.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Theta Chapter

With only two semesters as an Active Brother, Beth wanted to make it worth it. After initially intending to go locally inactive in Spring 2009 (and finding out she couldn't), Beth poured herself into working with the Chapter in every way possible. While she could not devote the time to a leadership position on Executive Board due to a full-time internship, she volunteered her time within the Chapter to the committees and assisting in any way possible.

Beth served as the Co-Chair for the Service Committee both semesters, helping to organize and run several events. She also took on a little each semester - Gabriella Hudis in Fall 2008, and Christian Smolko in Spring 2009. Because of her littles, she was very involved in the initiation portion of Phi Sigma Pi, and also attempted to help out wherever else possible. At the end of both spring semesters 2008 & 2009, Beth walked with Brother Liz McGonigle in the AIDS Walk New York to help raise funds and awareness about HIV/AIDS, specfically benefitting the Gay Men's Health Crisis organization.

Alumni Years to Present

As an Alumni, Beth has stayed quite involved. Serving as Alumni Advisor for Alpha Theta Chapter for two years, and part of the New York Metropolitan Area Alumni Chapter Executive Board for another year, Beth has attended events at several venues and Chapters throughout her Alumni years. While living in New Jersey, Beth attended events or meetings at Alpha Theta Chapter, Delta Chi Chapter, Alpha Iota Chapter, and Epsilon Alpha Chapter. In September 2012, Beth moved to Columbus, Ohio, making involvement with her home Chapter slightly more difficult, but still finds time to communicate with them and get to know each new Initiate Class.

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Beth's Big:

Beth's Littles:

Beth's Grandlittles:

  • Rishi Phakey, Alpha Alpha Class (Fall 2009 - Big: Christian Smolko)
  • April Hartman, Alpha Delta Class (Spring 2011 - Big: Gabby Hudis)
  • Evan Wright, Alpha Epsilon Class (Fall 2011 - Big: Christian Smolko)
  • Ximena Conde, Alpha Zeta Class (Spring 2012 - Big: April Hartman)
  • Beth Holler, Alpha Zeta Class (Spring 2012 - Big: Christian Smolko)

Beth's Great-Grandlittles:

  • Darnell Alexandre, Alpha Epsilon Class (Fall 2011 - Big: April Hartman)
  • Arthur Reyes, Alpha Epsilon Class (Fall 2011 - Big: Rishi Phakey)
  • Cole Rice, Alpha Zeta Class (Spring 2012 - Big: Evan Wright)

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Attended Mason Gross School of the Arts, a private conservatory within Rutgers University.
  • Only one other student in the theater program at Mason Gross was part of a recognized Greek organization while Beth attended school - he graduated the year Beth finished her first year at school.
  • Actively involved in the Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club during her collegiate years, and continued to be involved with The Seeing Eye at the county level with the Middlesex and Somerset Counties 4-H "Puppy Pals" Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club while living in New Jersey following graduation. She still is in contact with many of those members today.
  • Has a brother who also majored in the fine arts, and an older sister who has provided her with 2 wonderful nephews.
  • Has a passion for music, playing, listening, and sometimes composing on a very minute level. She almost attended school in Connecticut for music performance and theory.