Alumni Associations

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Alumni Associations are one of two types of Alumni Organizations, with the other type being Alumni Chapters. Alumni Associations were started as a way to organize Alumni geographically in areas that did not yet have an Alumni Chapter. The intent was for them to serve similar roles to a colony for Alumni Chapters. In the mid-2000's Alumni Associations stayed around as semi-permanent entities that were less active than Alumni Chapters.

In 2016 the National Council asked the remaining Alumni Associations to create plans to complete their transition to becoming Alumni Chapters or to agree to lose their recognition by the Fraternity as a formal Association. The intent was to allow Associations to return in the future if there was a viable plan to become a sustainable Alumni Chapter.

List of Alumni Associations

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Naming Convention

Since Alumni Associations are generally comprised of Alumni Members from many Collegiate Chapters who are living in relatively close geographic proximity, they are not named with Greek letter designations; rather, Alumni Associations are named for the geographic region in which the Association is based.