Carter Family Line

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The following is the Carter fraternal lineage at Tau Chapter. For a complete list of family trees, see Tau Chapter Family Trees.

Carter Family Line
Brandi (McClain) Carter (ΑΠ)
Stacey (Shaw) Pollard (ΑΡ)
April Hollamon (ΑΥ)
Elizabeth (Lamothe) Kulesa (ΑΨ)
Trina (Odynski) Moskalik (ΑΩ)
Amber (Stallings) Balent (ΒΑ) Brandon Stilley (ΒΓ)
Ellen Walker (ΒΒ)
Amy (Leggett) Richmond (ΒΓ)
Tiffany (Hill) Cray (ΒΕ)