List of Tau Chapter Officers

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Tau Chapter Executive Council
Kyle DelPaoli
Vice President
Hannah Capestany
Elizabeth Kenney
Morgan Wallace
Initiate Advisor
Celine McGeehan
Eric Eaton
Bobby Fortune
Dr. David Batts

The Executive Council of Tau Chapter consists of officers elected by simply majority of active Tau Brothers to serve one (1) academic year. The elected officers serve in the interest of Tau Chapter and carry out all official business with the approval of the active Tau Brothers.


The Tau Chapter Executive Council currently consists of seven (7) officers. Tau Chapter also has one (1) Advisor presently that serves a combined role of Faculty Advisor and Alumni Advisor.

Current Positions:

Retired Positions:

Installation and Transition

Officers are installed by the Advisor during Tau Chapter's Founder's Day Banquet, typically held in April. Elections typically occur late February or early March to ensure there is at least a four (4) week transition completed prior to Founder's Day. All officers receive the Richard C. Todd and Clauda Pennock Todd Leadership Scholarship at their installation.

Tau Chapter Executive Councils

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