List of Tau Chapter Family Trees

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The following is an (incomplete) list of all the family trees at Tau Chapter. Prior to the Spring of 1991, there were no Bigs and Littles. Some of the lines are missing data and may ultimately end up merging with an already existing tree as data is processed. Families that have since gone inactive are marked with an (I).

Active Lines

Inactive Lines

Hobbs Family Line, 2015
Benton Family Line, 2015
Partin Family Line, 2016
McEachin Family Line, 2015

Missing Bigs

Below is a list of Brothers that have not had their Bigs identified. If anyone has any information for the following Brothers, please contact Tau's Historian at

  • Kellie Sedgley ΑΥ
  • Tracy Lowry ΑΦ
  • Kimberly Wagoner ΑΦ
  • Tina Lewis ΑΦ
  • Tara Pope ΑΦ
  • Christy Gabbert ΑΦ
  • Daniel Andy Beaver ΑΧ
  • Lura Christy Glossip ΑΧ
  • Sheila Taylor ΑΧ
  • Bobbi Snead ΑΧ
  • Laura Simpson ΑΧ
  • Charlene Bright ΑΧ
  • Jean Latham ΑΧ
  • Olivia Wobbleton ΑΧ
  • Julie Brandenburg ΑΧ