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The following chapter subrosa and assistance funds created to assist brothers with financial support. This is intended to be a reference for other chapters interested in starting their own assistance funds.

For information on other Chapter Scholarships see: Chapter Scholarships

Alpha Lambda

The Alpha Lambda Chapter has a chapter Subrosa Fund that operates to pay the national and/or local dues of a brother in need. At the conclusion of every semester, five dollars per graduating Brother is transferred from the chapter bank account into the chapter Subrosa Fund (Five graduating brothers would amount to $25 being transferred). Additionally, the chapter president and treasurer are responsible with setting up alternative fund raising efforts.

When first setting up the chapter's Subrosa Fund, the brothers recognized a limitation in the size of requests that could be satisfied from the Fund. Therefore, at the end of each semester, any amount in the chapter Subrosa Fund over $150 is donated to the national Subrosa Fund. This ensures that there is no misuse of the funds and helps support the national Subrosa Fund, which is more appropriate for larger requests.

Alpha Sigma

Alpha Sigma Chapter has a chapter fund which provides assistance with dues payments for Brothers or Initiates under emergency circumstances. There is no obligation to award any sum if circumstances are not deemed to be of an emergency nature. The Assistance Board shall consist of the President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Beta Mu

The Beta Mu Chapter sets aside a portion of their budget that is available to brothers in financial need. These funds help cover dues or other chapter related expenses for brothers facing financial hardship. The Fund is overseen by the chapter President, Treasurer and Brother at Large. The chapter even extends the Fund to their initiates if they need help covering various costs associated with rushing.

Gamma Beta

The Gamma Beta Chapter holds a "Split the Pot" raffle during each business meeting during the semester. Brothers may enter a chance to win half of the pot by paying $1.00 per chance. The brother who wins the raffle each week can take the money won or donate it back to the chapter. All the money that is collected from the raffle during the semester goes toward the Most Outstanding Initiate Scholarship. The week before induction the chapter votes by secret ballot for an initiate they feel has been the most outstanding during the initiation period. The initiate with the most votes is named Most Outstanding Initiate and is awarded the scholarship money from the raffle to go towards paying their initiation fees and dues.

Gamma Zeta

The Gamma Zeta Chapter has just started a Brother in need fund. If someone is in need (i.e. needs money towards dues or otherwise) they talk to the treasurer, or alternatively if the Executive Board or Brother wellness committee recognizes a problem they can request it for a particular person. After a request has been made, the chapter passes around a jar during the meetings to collect money for the Brother in need. The fund distribution is kept secret unless the Brother chooses to tell the Brotherhood why they need the assistance.

Gamma Mu

The Gamma Mu Chapter has a local subrosa fund. The chapter adds $1 to local dues each semester which is held in a separate account. A Brother may approach the chapter President, Vice President or Treasurer to inquire about using the fund for financial assistance.

Gamma Pi

The Gamma Pi Chapter has a subrosa fund. Any Brother in our chapter may apply. E-Board allocates the funds based on the need and number of applicants.

Delta Mu

Delta Mu's fund is set up as such;

Section 1: A scholarship fund will be maintained in an account separate from the Delta Mu Chapter’s general funds.
Section 2: A member in good standing may submit a formal request, including a reason for requesting the scholarship, to the Executive Board by the second meeting of the semester. The Executive Board will make a decision on the amount awarded based on this request and will notify the members within twenty-four (24) hours of their decision.

BAAA - Delta Omega

The Bay Area Alumni Association and Delta Omega distribute an initiate scholarship which is given to a Delta Omega Chapter initiate that is deemed to have done an exceptional job during their initiation period. The recipient has shown himself or herself to be an excellent candidate for membership, gauged minimally by completing all the requirements for induction into membership, and has pursued knowledge of the fraternity in all aspects of the tripod. Furthermore, candidates for the scholarship will have gone above and beyond the requirements laid out by the Chapter and carried out each task with enthusiasm. The funds for this scholarship are made available by charitable donation of members of the Bay Area Alumni Association, and when desired, the Delta Omega Chapter alumni (which will be referred to as BAAA from here on out).

Nominations from the Chapter will be taken during a regularly scheduled chapter meeting, or via email through BAAA, immediately following Induction. Nominations will consist of the name of the individual as well as a statement of reason. This statement will educate the selection committee on the merits of the individual and their nomination. Nominations may be anonymous. There can be a maximum of (3) three nominations from the Chapter. In the event that more than three (3) individuals are nominated by the Chapter, the first three (3) nominations received shall be the only considered. Duplicate nominations are not considered in determining the total quantity of nominations, but are provided to the selection committee for reference. In addition to the (3) three nominations, the Initiation Committee may nominate one (1) additional individual, if it feels that the chapter has not nominated the initiate the Initiation Committee deems to be a worthy candidate, based upon the description in the first paragraph of this document. Therefore, the maximum number of candidates can be (4) four. It is at the Chapter's discretion whether or not to nominate candidates. Furthermore, this Scholarship will be conducted subrosa. For the purposes of this Scholarship, the initiates are to have no knowledge of the scholarship prior to its awarding. All nominations and discussions regarding the scholarship are subrosa. If subrosa is violated, BAAA will not present the award to any candidate and will maintain funds for the next semester's candidates. In the event that there are no nominees for the Scholarship, BAAA will maintain the account and the fund will become available again for the next semester's candidates.

This nomination list of a maximum of (4) four candidates is to be sent to the leadership of BAAA. BAAA will seek input from all alumni that have interacted with the Initiates on two or more occasions, such as meetings, events, the review game, etc. BAAA will rely on the Chapter to furnish this list of alumni participants. This alumni input will be received during a meeting, which may occur online or in person, or the input may be in writing to the leadership of BAAA.

The selection committee will be made up of alumni in BAAA and members of the Chapter, with a total of five members. The alumni representation shall be no more than three members: at least one member of the BAAA leadership and at least one alumnus/a of the local Chapter will represent the alumni on the selection committee. In the event that an alumnus/alumna from the local chapter is not available, the remaining positions on the committee may be filled with any alumni meeting the prescribed requirements. The Chapter representatives shall be the Awards & Scholarship Chair and the Initiate Advisor. In their absence, the Awards & Scholarship Chair and the Initiate Advisor may choose to appoint a member of their committee to represent them. No more than one scholarship may be awarded per semester, unless by unanimous vote of the selection committee.

The award will be a scholarship in the amount of total local chapter and national dues, and will be awarded if the selection committee determines that one of the nominees is eligible/acceptable.

The scholarship need not be awarded every semester. This award is bestowed at the discretion of BAAA.

Nomination for the BAAA - Initiate Scholarship

Criteria: The Initiate below has shown himself or herself to be an excellent candidate for membership, gauged minimally by completing all the requirements for induction into membership, and has pursued knowledge of the fraternity in all aspects of the tripod. Furthermore, this individual has gone above and beyond the requirements laid out by the Chapter and has carried out each task with enthusiasm.

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  • Statement of Reason (i.e.: why is this individual deserving of this scholarship?):
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